Save up to 60% on your Azure costs

Finding out where to cut costs within your specific environment?


Enjoy the perks of the Intercept Azure Cost Scan and optimize the costs of your Azure environment. In this scan, we carefully examine your billing method, reservations, software subscriptions, right-sizing, and cost budgeting to provide the best cost-saving solution for your business.

Save up to 60% on your Azure costs now and benefit temporarily for free from our expertise!


The Intercept Azure Cost Scan


How does it work?

You give us access to your Azure environment at subscription level for one afternoon. That afternoon we will analyze your environment. Afterward, we make a short report with practical tips. We are keen to explain this report in a 30-45 minute conversation. In brief: you will learn a lot in a short period of time!

After performing the scan:

  • You can save 5-60% on your Azure costs;
  • You know if your costs match your actual consumption;
  • You receive practical tips for future cost savings;

The costs?

The Intercept Azure Cost Scan has a value of €699-. We are currently offering a limited number of scans for FREE. Contact us if you like to be considered for this opportunity.

"Intercept helped us understand and control the costs of Azure. In addition, the setup of our platform is now a lot more structured, allowing us to work more efficiently."

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