Act now and protect your Azure environment before it is too late!

 Are you ready to face the devastating consequences of a hack on your Azure environment?

The facts:

  • Of all ransomware incidents, 95% resulted in a cost ranging from 1 to 2.25 million dollars (
  • Looking at the numbers of last year only, there were more attacks than in the past five (!) years combined (!), and this growth has continued this year (

Imagine the consequences for you when that happens within your organization: Unauthorized access, financial costs escalating up to hundreds of euros, and not to mention the insane burden that follows while dealing with the aftermath.


Does the above not sound like your cup of tea? Request your free Security Scan now and ensure your Azure environment aligns with best practices for optimal security!

The Azure Security Scan


How does it work?

You give us access to your Azure environment at the subscription level for one afternoon. During this time, we analyze your environment, reviewing all the basic Security settings in Azure. Afterward, we provide a concise report with practical tips. We are eager to discuss this report with you in a 30-45 minute free conversation. In brief, you will gain valuable insights in a short period!

After the scan, you will receive:

  • Confirmation and additional insight into the actual safety of your environment.
  • An endorsement from an official Azure expert MSP, verifying that your security aligns with Microsoft’s best practices (a proven footprint).
  • The free benefit of an expert review: Think of it as a free car inspection. Since you may overlook certain aspects on your own, we are here to ensure you everything functions properly and adheres to the security policies.

What does it cost?

The Azure Security Scan has a value of €599-. We are currently offering a limited number of scans for FREE. Contact us if you like to be considered for this opportunity.

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