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Are you considering boosting your career and specializing further in Azure? This is a great opportunity to speak with an Azure Expert!

Would you like to 'click and connect' with an Interceptor and find out what they do, what their day looks like and why they get out of bed in the morning? You can!

How does it work?
You a can reserve a few minutes of that interesting agenda and get to know an Interceptor. Choose an Interceptor and a role you'd like to know more about, book a time and you're good to go! You'll receive a Microsoft Teams Link and during this meet and greet we'll talk about what we do, what Intercept does and why we are so proud to call ourselves "Interceptor".

In the conversation, you can find out:
- What an Interceptor's workday looks like
- The route to their success  
- What route you will have to take to get here

Is this a job interview? No, we like to share our passion and give more insight in what we do and how we do it. If you're interested after the conversation, that's great and we'd love to hear more.

You never know what one conversation can
do for your future!


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In short

  • How does Click & Connect work?
  • 1. Schedule an appointment in the calendar of one of our Azure experts
  • 2. You will receive a calendar appointment from us with a teams link
  • 3. During the conversation we would like to tell you a little bit more about the 'Interceptor' and there is room for your questions
  • 4. No strings attached!

Azure DevOps Consultant & MVP

Wesley Haakman

When I wake up the the morning I’m thinking “what if I could deploy my testing environment automatically when I wake up, I know I need it in a couple of minutes anyway”. I then start playing around with my home automation and GitHub actions and toss in a bit of Azure DevOps.

After setting up the basics for my new epic side project, I login to teams and join the standup together with my team. We talk about the plans for today and see who needs help.

I read up on the latest news of the customer I’m going to help with their solution deployment. My first question is “when do who automate this solution deployment?”. Naturally the answer is “now”.

Throughout the day I work on their deployment pipeline, code the resource and solution  deployment and catch up with the customer. Looks like we have this thing up and running!

I end the day catching up with my teammates and getting back to my side project, let’s see if that testing environment automatically provisions when I wake up.

Can’t wait for tomorrow! 

Azure .NET Developer

Jan Willem Buiten

As a software developer I have a passion for state-of-the-art software solutions.

Within Intercept I have the opportunity to advise and support our customers to develop the right solution within their cloud journey. In addition to that, I am partly responsible for the development of our own internal software solutions.

Yesterday I helped a customer with their transformation from old legacy .NET code to state-of-the-art microservice technology. Today I am helping a customer with the integration of Power BI reports, and making them accessible for their users.

Besides these customer cases, I am also involved in the development of a new system of processing large financial datasets in our own software product using Azure Container Instances.

Super fun to always be working with cool technologies. Tomorrow another interesting day!

Continuous Improvement Consultant

Tom Brink

7.30 I wake up, take my first coffee and start making my planning for the day. Will I go to the office or will I be working from home today? It’s all up to myself, flexibility is power at Intercept!

8.00 I decide to go to the office. Once arrived it's first things first, another coffee and a chat with my colleagues.

8.30 It’s time for our daily Managed Services standup! These standups are meant for work related stuff but there’s also room for jokes and sharing funny content from the web! 😊

9.00 I start going trough the tickets that are on my name, update them if necessary and close them if I can.

10.00 I will be deploying the metadata resources, creating a vnet,subnets and a storage account with private endpoint for FSLogix profiles.

12.00 Lunchtime! I can either grab some food from our own kitchen or order something nice at a local sandwich shop.
You can probably guess what my decision is right? 😉

13.00 Our weekly Continuous Improvement call where we will discuss existing customer environments to see if we can suggest any improvements that will help the customer.

15.00 I need a short break, should I go for a table tennis match or play some FIFA against my colleagues on the Xbox?

15.15 Time for the finishing touch on the AVD resources I’ve deployed this morning! I am making sure the AVD hosts can communicate with the Domain Controllers and import some GPO settings.

16.30 Intercept Café! This is a Teams call where colleagues join to talk about all kinds stuff (mostly not work related haha). A great way to keep in touch with my colleagues during Covid times!

17.00 Driving home, what great workday it was!

Azure Consultant & MCT  

Remco Vrielink

Wake up, get the kids out of bed, and make some coffee, read a bit of news and then either drive to the Intercept HQ or go upstairs to my home office whatever fits my day best.

I start my workday by checking the RSS feeds with MS Azure Blog posts to get up to speed with the latest and greatest in Azure, then I check my calendar and see what’s planned for the day.

Today I am going to join a design session with a prospective customer where we dig into the business and technical details in order to come up with a fitting Azure solution. Later today, I’m deploying an Azure solution for a new customer based on MySQL & Web Apps which needs to be fully automated using ARM templates.

My next design meeting is about to start! We dive right into the business and technical details. We discuss IaaS vs PaaS and I explain how containers work and how they can benefit their solutions. After two hours I have enough input to get started on an Azure solution design for this customer. But today I’ve got other things planned, so this has to wait for tomorrow.

Ring Ring, an incoming Teams call of one of my colleagues. He needs some help troubleshooting an Azure Virtual Desktop performance issue. I help him out by isolating the issue to a profile share located on a slow fileserver, we discuss the options to remediate it.

Back to the templates. When I’m done customizing the templates, I upload them to the customers repository so they can be integrated in a deployment pipeline in Azure DevOps. After half an hour we get it working, another happy customer!

Almost the end of the day, I answer some emails and join our Intercept ‘virtual pub’ meeting to share things about our day and joke around and inform each other about some cool new things in Azure or Formula One 😉. 
After 20 mins or so it’s time to close laptop and join my family for diner.

Chief Technology Officer Azure 

Rinie Huijgen

I am the CTO of Intercept, co-owner and one of the original founders. If you are interested in Azure and would like to work with smart and enthusiastic people but also like to know why Intercept has the ambition to be the best Azure specialist in Western Europe, I would like to speak with you.

Intercept is a young organization with a laser focus on software companies, which we help to make successful using the Azure Public Cloud. We do this by smartly deploying infra as code, we use Azure Functions, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Virtual Desktop, to name a few. And we also develop functional C# .NET Core applications that we roll out to our customer environments worldwide through DevOps Pipelines and GitHub Actions. Unlike many other IT companies, we don't do contracting, but you will work closely with and learn from your Intercept colleagues. Our team is international and the internal language is mostly English. One colleague lives around the corner and the other in the UK.

Intercept is the only Dutch organization Azure Expert MSP certified, a status on top of Microsoft Gold partner. We are a direct Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) partner of Microsoft, which means we can set up Azure environments ourselves.

Would you like to get more started with Azure, work on your certification and know if Intercept fits your ambitions, Click & Connect and we'll talk soon!