EA to CSP Transition Tool – go from Microsoft Enterprise Agreement to CSP seamlessly

As an Azure Expert MSP, Intercept has the unique capability to transform customers from the traditional EA model to the new CSP model on the fly.

Published: 18 March 2020

As an Azure Expert MSP, Intercept has the unique capability to transform customers from the traditional EA model to the new CSP model on the fly. This allows customers to benefit from a more cost-efficient model to purchase Azure resources and one that doesn’t require a multiyear pre commit.

In this article you will read more about the following topics: 

  • The EA to CSP transition tool
  • What distinguishes CSP from EA and why should consider moving to CSP
  • How to transition from EA to the CSP


Transition from EA to CSP without a migration.

As an Expert MSP, Intercept has the unique ability to move Enterprise Agreements to CSP seamlessly. We can move an EA subscription to CSP without any service disruption and without any modifications to your current Azure estate.


  • Administrative transition to CSP. There are no technical changes from EA to CSP required and there is no downtime.
  • You receive support and Managed Services from an Azure Expert MSP tailored to your business needs. Based on your preferences regarding support you will receive a Service Level Agreements which complements your organisation, business processes andteam.


Why you should consider CSP instead of your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA)

CSP is the way forward and it is more than just a billing model. Your partner in CSP will provide you with the ability to go that extra mile and speed up innovation. Let's start with the basics that distinguishes CSP from EA.


Microsoft Enterprise Agreements

  1. Billing and contract

Enterprise Agreements require a one or three-year contract for every cloud computing service you purchase. With the pace of innovation in the field of IT, it’s difficult to plan for the years to come. .  As EA contracts require an upfront commit, it’s up to you to use the credits you purchased before the end of your contract. In terms of scaling resources (after a few months you might implement automatic scaling to save costs) there will never be a financial win as you already paid for the usage up front.

2. Supporting your business

Enterprise Agreements include limited support from Microsoft or the Enterprise Agreement reseller. Optional you can purchase a premium support contract from Microsoft or buy extra professional services from a Microsoft partner. Instead of proactive support on your environment you may send requests or log a support ticket based on the challenges you are facing.


Cloud Solutions Provider (Direct CSP)

  1. Billing and contract

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program gives you the ability to purchase and manage cloud services in a flexible matter. CSP allows you to scale up and down yourcloud services as you see fit which instantly impacts finances as you only pay for what you use. Purchasing Azure through a CSP partner will allow customers to receive a single invoice for Azure usage plus the partner’s professional services.

  1. Supporting your business

CSP partners are expected to offer Azure infrastructure in combination with their own managed service offering. One of the great upsides is that your Managed Services partner will have in depth knowledge of your environment and can share experiences across customers. A CSP partner with a managed services offering will (and should!) go above and beyond to remain your CSP and MSP partner by providing additional services and sharing knowledge. Whether you want to focus on your core business and want to outsource (parts) of your  Azure estate or your business model benefits from professionally managed Azure infrastructure, your MSP will help you support en further enhance your business.


How to move from EA to CSP

The Direct EA to CSP transition is a seamless process without any service disruption.
Direct EA to CSP Transfer Tool Process:

  1. Azure Expert MSP invites a customer to transition from EA to CSP
  2. Customer receives the invitation to transition to CSP
  3. Customer selects required subscriptions and approves the transition on Azure portal
  4. Subscriptions transfer to CSP

Grow faster and better with an Azure Expert MSP

We help organisations transform, modernize and accelerate on Azure. We are proud that we are one of the few organizations that achieved the Azure Expert MSP status. Microsoft has certified partners as an Azure Expert MSP to distinguish partners who offer best in class managed services on Azure. In combination with our Microsoft CSP Direct services we offer our customers a packed solution from a singleprovider that are tailored to their business needs.