Become Cloud Native with Azure Application Lifecycle Management

Azure Application Lifecycle Management (AALM) covers all aspects needed to build, manage and improve your software application. With AALM, you are sure to improve the entire lifecycle of your application architecture and become (more) Cloud Native.

What is AALM?

You can see Azure Application Lifecycle Management (AALM) as an “umbrella” that covers multiple disciplines of your organization, like development, management, IT, and more.

AALM consists of multiple phases that cover an aspect of your application management. Good management always starts with planning. After a solid plan, you can begin developing, testing, and deploying. But it doesn’t stop there; you need to maintain and check that what has been built is still working well for you and your customers. And since nothing is static, you continuously need to adapt and improve. With these steps, you are continuously improving your application. That’s when the cycle starts again: by redefining your current situation and from that point creating a new plan for further improvement.

Adopting AALM means working smart with multiple people and/or teams. It is a continuous process in which frequent updates and releases are necessary to grow and improve. With a good integration of these phases, you enable your organization to collaborate more effectively.


What is are the benefits of AALM?

You want your application to be fit for the future. With good AALM, you transform your application and become Cloud Native. From a business perspective, this offers you the opportunity to stay relevant and build a future-proof business model.

For example:

  • Set up Azure DevOps and integrate with Git
  • Build from Infrastructure as a Code methodology
  • Build and manage APIs
  • Azure development capacity
  • Including good governance, best practices, cost management, application monitoring

Deliver your application to every end-user globally, scaling on demand and cutting costs. For example Azure Kubernetes Architecture, Platform as a Service (Paas), or Microservices / serverless

Optimize your software solution in various areas, like cost optimization, scaling opportunities, and performance.

For whom is AALM?

Becoming cloud-native is essential to survive during these times of digital transformation. It comes along with multiple challenges but also offers huge potential. To overcome these challenges and tap into the prospect of the Azure cloud, you need a structured approach and process like AALM.

AALM is for software organizations that want their application to become cloud-native and stay relevant in the future. It doesn’t matter if you are already on the Azure Cloud or want to migrate to Azure. AALM can offer you long-lasting benefits.


What to expect from us?

Moving to Microsoft Azure and becoming cloud-native can be overwhelming. You will need specialists from multiple disciplines. Thereby Intercept can help you. We have a great team of Azure specialists available for you.

Intercept has incorporated its know-how into every AALM phase. Intercept AALM supports agile, and DevOps development approaches. We built all of this using the Microsoft Azure platform. Read more about why we think Azure is the best choice.


Intercept helps you with your Azure application development, and that grants you many advantages:

Build together and managed by Intercept's DevOps Specialists

Always access to the source code, which is and stays your Intellectual Property

No longer dependent on external consultants or developers/freelancers

a permanent cross-functional team available for advice, development & management

Continuous Improvement

Intercept ensures that the entire lifecycle is covered. Our Continuous Improvement teams take care of maintaining, improving, and supporting your application. On top of that, you have access to skilled development capabilities based on your needs and requirements.

Our goal is to transform and modernize your application to become primarily cloud-native. Usually, this means refactoring and rebuilding application architecture where necessary. This is mostly the soundest strategy to be successful in starting function shipping and improving your application.


Benieuwd wat we voor u kunnen betekenen?

Start your AALM journey

Before we start our new journey together, we follow a proven approach to arrive at the desired destination. Therefore we first decide what our starting point can be. We always start with an intake to really understand your business and challenges. Together with you and your team, we create the AALM cycle and from there we work forwards.