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11 Jul 2024 Blog

Understanding Microsoft Entra External Identities

Reading time 4 minutes.

Whether connecting with customers or partnering with other businesses, Microsoft Entra External Identities offers a straightforward approach to handling external identities. In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs.

27 Jun 2024 Blog

Moving from Virtual Machines (VMs) to Containers, a dream or a nightmare?

Reading time 4 minutes.

In this article, we'll cover how to start with tools like Azure Migrate, the benefits and challenges of containerization, and the necessary adjustments for a successful transition.

18 Jun 2024 Blog

GitHub Workflows and Actions: A brief introduction

Reading time 5 minutes.

Imagine having 15 different container images to maintain! That is a lot of clicking and typing! The solution? GitHub Workflows and Actions

03 Jun 2024 Blog

How Azure can help you modernise and go cloud native with containers?

Reading time 6 minutes.

In this article, we will take a further look at App Modernisation and we address some important elements related to it.

24 May 2024 Blog

GitOps: a true game-changer for your organization?

Reading time 4 minutes.

Many software developers agree that GitOps is a true game-changer. Find out more about whether or not your organization is ready to harness the benefits of GitOps!

16 May 2024 Blog

How to boost your productivity with AI-infused solutions!

Reading time 3 minutes.

AI tools can help with creativity, productivity, automation, data analytics, and more. At Intercept, we are, therefore, increasingly leveraging the power of AI in our solutions. In this article we'll share with you why and how.

14 May 2024 Blog

Data Transformation as a powerful tool: prepare your text data for GPT Models with these tips and tricks!

Reading time 3 minutes.

This article will provide the know-how to prepare data effectively to create your GPT model. To do so, we will discuss different approaches to data transformation, their purposes, and different data processing techniques.

08 May 2024 Blog

Navigating GDPR Compliance: an introduction to data classification & tagging in Azure (with AI)

Reading time 4 minutes.

How do you ensure your data is organised, identifiable, and properly managed? This article will help you discover the answer.

01 May 2024 Blog

How to visualize your analytics: Gain new insights with Power BI!

Reading time 4 minutes.

Power BI shines as the ultimate choice for effortlessly transforming raw data into actionable information. Organizations can leverage data effectively through Power BI to uncover hidden patterns, mitigate risks, and identify opportunities.

28 Mar 2024 Blog

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools: ARM, Bicep & Terraform

Reading time 5 minutes.

It's important to choose the IAC tool that suits your team’s needs best. There is no silver bullet and it’s nice to have choices. In this article, we discuss the benefits and features of each tool based on our own experiences.

25 Mar 2024 Blog

Your software’s reliability on the public cloud: key themes for your reliability! (DevOps)

Reading time 3 minutes.

Who is responsible for the overall reliability on the public cloud? Is it Dev or is it Ops? Or both? Or none? Let's dive in!

25 Mar 2024 Blog

5 strategies to increase Azure Application availability and uptime

Reading time 4 minutes.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for achieving availability on the Cloud. However, there are some strategies we realise for our customers to significantly improve their availability on Azure. You can read our 5 key strategies below!

22 Feb 2024 Blog

How to achieve efficiency and scalability with Cloud Native

Reading time 4 minutes.

In this article, we dive into the advantages of cloud native over traditional infrastructures.

16 Feb 2024 Blog

Keep control on your Azure Costs and save money

09 Feb 2024 Blog

Focus on what you do best: Intercept’s Managed Services helps you out!

Managed Services could be your solution. You don’t have to worry about any of your infrastructure challenges. We are here for you!

24 Jan 2024 Blog

Secure your data science environment in Azure: 6 unmissable tools!

Reading time 4 minutes.

Securing your data science environment must be a top priority. In this article, we explain how to secure your data science environment. Better safe than sorry! 

12 Jan 2024 Blog

Let your applications simply communicate with each other: Azure Functions and Azure Service Bus explained

05 Dec 2023 Blog

Strenghten your Azure Kubernetes cluster security: The top 5 must haves!

Azure Kubernetes Services has many built-in security features. Additional ones are available that can be configured from the Azure Controle plane. But what configurations should you use?

24 Nov 2023 Blog

The year of AI, driving innovation and efficiency

21 Nov 2023 Blog

Secure your data science environment in Azure: 6 indispensable tools!

In this article, we will guide you on how to enhance the security of your Azure data science environment. It's always better to be safe than regretful!

16 Nov 2023 News

Intercept achieves the Solutions Partner for Security status

Intercept proudly announces that we achieved the Microsoft Solutions Partner – Security status!

10 Nov 2023 Blog

The Microsoft Trust Center & Service Trust Portal

Finding the right information regarding Microsoft Azure security, privacy, compliance statements, and reports can be challenging. The Microsoft Trust Center and the Microsoft Service Trust Portal can help, but how?

25 Oct 2023 Blog

The year of AI, driving innovation and efficiency

Leverage years of Azure’s pioneering research and responsible AI ethos to develop your AI-powered solution.

29 Sep 2023 whitepaper

The Azure Security e-book

Take control of your Azure security and protect your Azure environment.

20 Sep 2023 Blog

Secure your Azure infrastructure: 6 approaches for your road to success!

This article will show you the 6 key approaches you should not overlook when enhancing the security of your Azure estate.

12 Sep 2023 Blog

Guarding your tech: Top 5 best practices to get your container security on point!

This article will dive into the 5 best practices to keep your container security up to speed!

05 Sep 2023 Blog

New Updates to Microsoft 365 Subscriptions in Europe.

Microsoft is starting to decouple Teams from Microsoft 365 subscriptions on October 1st, 2023. Nothing will change for existing customers, but new customers will have options with and without Teams in their Office 365 package.

01 Sep 2023 Blog

The future of apps: modernization through AI and Azure cloud for unlimited advancement

In this article, we will discuss AI as form of modernization and how Azure cloud relates to that

21 Aug 2023 Blog

Application configuration: an in-depth look at Cloud Native Software Development with Azure

In this article, we will discuss configuring your app. We provide useful tricks to perform this configuration as efficiently as possible. When developing an application, the question of "how to best handle configuration values" is an important topic. In this article, we will delve deeper into how this can be applied using Azure App Configuration and Azure Key Vault.

25 Jul 2023 Blog

Embracing Green IT with the Azure Cloud: opportunities for the ISV Community

Discover green opportunities in Azure: save costs, promote sustainability, and strengthen your brand. Learn how Azure's tools make your software more eco-friendly while simultaneously meeting the demand for sustainable solutions.

12 Jul 2023 whitepaper

Ready to revolutionize your ISV business?

Your cloud transformation success starts here!

12 Jul 2023 News

The evolution of the Microsoft Cloud: Azure Active Directory becomes Microsoft Entra

Azure AD, one of the most used but still somewhat invisible products in the world, finally gets its own name.

05 Jul 2023 News

Intercept achieves CSA STAR Level 1 certification: strengthening security and trust

Discover how Intercept proudly achieved the CSA STAR Level 1 certification and what it means for the security and trust of our cloud computing services.

23 Jun 2023 Blog

5 best practices to protect your Azure subscription(s) against Cryptojacking

Reading time 5 minutes.

Due to the hyperscale nature of Azure, it’s also attracting malicious actors such as organized criminal enterprises and state-sponsored hacking groups. Protecting your digital assets is therefore a critical part of your SaaS lifecycle.

29 May 2023 Blog

The MultiCloud Promise

Multicloud... Would it be feasible for your organization? 3 perspectives on multicloud

12 May 2023 Blog

Keep control of your Azure Costs and save money

Getting a grip on cloud costs: how do you gain & maintain control? The 3 key success factors!

28 Apr 2023 News

MVP Global Summit 2023

Reading time 2 minutes.

MVP Gregor Suttie's experience at the MVP Summit 2023 event.

24 Apr 2023 Blog

What does the development of AI in Azure mean for your software-driven company?

Microsoft uses different models, each with its advantages or disadvantages. We list them for you.

05 Apr 2023 Blog

The benefits of GitHub Copilot for developer efficiency and Happiness

Hoe Github Copilot supports developer efficiency and happiness

03 Apr 2023 whitepaper

The basic principles of Data Science on Azure

Do you want to start a data science project on Azure?

22 Mar 2023 News

How to manage the costs of your data science environment and models in Azure?

Reading time 4 minutes.

We all know the importance of planning and closely managing costs in Azure. This article explains which Azure tools can help you manage costs.

22 Feb 2023 News

Microsoft announces a price increase

Microsoft announces a price increase as of April 1, 2023. Read for more information!

06 Feb 2023 News

Secure your data science environment Azure 

In this article, we explain how to secure your data science environment. Better safe than sorry!

18 Jan 2023 News

Secure your data science models in Azure 

In this article, we explain how to secure your data science models in Azure.

03 Jan 2023 Blog

Video: Introduction in Data and AI

Want to start your data journey? Watch the video and learn how to gain more insight and create scalable models in Azure.

03 Nov 2022 Blog

Move your data science environment and models to Azure

The why and what of migrating your data science workloads to Azure.

31 Oct 2022 News

The experience of MVP Gregor Suttie @ Ignite

Gregor Suttie tells about his experience of Ignite 2022 in the VS.

27 Oct 2022 Blog

Keep track of your cloud emissions with the Microsoft Emissions Impact Dashboard

The tool allows Microsoft cloud customers to understand, track, report, analyze, and reduce carbon emissions associated with their cloud usage.

18 Oct 2022 Blog

Explore Basic Concepts of a Data Scientist role

We dive into the world of data scientists. What is the added value, what responsibilities do they have and how can they help you?

05 Oct 2022 Blog

Discover the pros and cons of the purchase models by Microsoft cloud

Microsoft uses different models, each with its advantages or disadvantages. We list them for you.

01 Oct 2022 Blog

SLA by Azure: This is how it works

Reading time 6 minutes.

Each Azure service has its own SLA with associated terms and conditions; limitations and service credit (service credits). But what does this mean exactly?

17 Sep 2022 News

Opportunities for healthcare on Azure

Reading time 3 minutes.

Healthcare institutions seize opportunity through Azure to work on innovative solutions to improve the lives of millions of people

12 Sep 2022 Blog

Application Insights: a game-changer for ISVs

Reading time 4 minutes.

As a developer, you want to know how your application is performing. And how your users experience the app. Microsoft offers an advanced tool for this: Applications Insights.

09 Sep 2022 Blog

Exploring Azure DevOps: 6 tips for a successful start

Reading time 6 minutes.

Are you a Java, Node, or .Net developer? Or do you build automation with Ansible or Puppet? Whatever programming language you use, Azure DevOps is the way to set up your own end-to-end DevOps chain. We have combined our knowledge and experience in six practical tips to get you started.

19 Jul 2022 News

What's new? Cloud updates | July 2022

What's New. We share with you three updates in the cloud from the month of July!

29 Jun 2022 whitepaper

The security e-book for Azure DevOps & GitHub

With this e-book you can optimize your security in Azure DevOps and GitHub.

24 Jun 2022 Blog

Securing your software’s future with GitHub

Discover the benefits of using GitHub and make your software safe for the future.

10 Jun 2022 Blog

Windows containers in a Linux world

Reading time 5 minutes.

A common question when someone is looking into transforming / containerizing their solution is “I’m now running on a Windows based system; do I use Windows containers, or do I go with Linux containers?”. And that is a very valid question.

24 May 2022 Blog

GitHub vs. Azure DevOps: which Microsoft tool should you choose?

Reading time 5 minutes.

GitHub and Azure DevOps are two powerful and popular Microsoft developer tools. Which one fits your organization best?

11 May 2022 Blog

Best practices; Azure Kubernetes cluster set up

Kubernetes is “hot & happening”, almost every company already uses or wants to use Kubernetes. Creating an AKS-cluster seems easy enough, but what if you want to create an AKS-cluster for serious production workloads? In this article we will give you some pointers and best-practices which will help you create an AKS-cluster ready for production environments.

03 May 2022 Blog

Application Development on Microsoft Azure | part 1

You are using Azure, and that is awesome! But, the big question is: Are you really using Azure? Find out in this article.

31 Mar 2022 Blog

Breaking the bank on Azure: what Apache Spark tool is the most cost-effective?

Reading time 7 minutes.

Figuring out which tool has the lowest execution costs is often a complicated task. In this article, we break down the costs. With this information, you can decide which option is best for your company.

18 Mar 2022 News

Update: New licensing model Microsoft New Commerce Experience: price changes and new policies

This new model ensures a consistent policy with clear agreements and transparent procedures across Microsoft's cloud products and procurement channels.

17 Mar 2022 Blog

Securing Software with Azure DevOps

In this article, we explore some tools that can help you have a safe journey with Azure DevOps.

02 Mar 2022 whitepaper

Checklist: Migrate to Azure

Everything you need to know when you migrate to Azure

16 Feb 2022 Blog

How to connect your SaaS application - without Azure AD | Part 2

Not everyone uses Azure Active Directory, so what other options do your customer have? We dive into the different options and present you with solutions for several scenarios.

14 Feb 2022 Blog

Data Factory vs. Databricks: When your love for data is missing some (Apache) Spark

How do you choose the data partner that suits you best? Azure Data Factory has great benefits when you start out, but Apache Spark allows you to explore deeper layers. So is Azure Databricks your data partner that brings the "Spark" back into your data project? One thing is for sure, in Azure you don't necessarily have to choose a monogamous data solution.

08 Feb 2022 Blog

The Importance of Shifting Left

These seven points will make software security the starting point of your process.| ‘Shifting Left’ is the practice of moving a phase of the software development process “to the left” when you consider the traditional software development life cycle.

02 Feb 2022 Blog

Is a hybrid cloud the best cloud for you?

Are you considering using public cloud services but would you instead not stop with your private cloud? Then a hybrid cloud could be the answer. Two key reasons why a hybrid cloud is getting attention are its optimal scalability and flexibility.

18 Jan 2022 Blog

How to build a Data Lake

Today, companies save all kinds of data, even when they don’t yet have a use case for it. But where should all these different types of datasets be stored? This is where the Data Lake comes in!

12 Jan 2022 Blog

App Modernization, buzzword, or true story?

Everyone is talking about it, many are doing it but what is this thing called “App Modernization”.

03 Jan 2022 Blog

How to Transform Data into valuable Information?

What your data journey looks like depends on your use case. Nevertheless, within any data project, there are five generic steps that any company will take to get insights from their data. Have a look!

01 Jan 2022 Blog

Azure Cost Management: monitor your cloud usage and save costs

This article will teach you the principles of sound Cloud Cost Management in 2022.

31 Dec 2021 Blog

Why many software companies are switching from IaaS to PaaS

With PaaS you can focus on building, testing, deploying and optimizing apps and services that add value for your customers. When do you take the step?

23 Dec 2021 Blog

Unlocking the Power of Azure SQL: Choosing between Azure SQL, SQL Managed instance or SQL Server

Reading time 5 minutes.

Discovering the perfect SQL database for your Azure application transformation is a common question we encounter at Intercept. In this article, we provide valuable insights into the available options, key considerations, and our expert recommendations for each unique situation.

20 Dec 2021 News

Intercept achieved the Modernization of Web Applications Advanced Specialization

We are excited to announce that Intercept obtained the Microsoft Advanced Specialization – Modernization of Web Applications certification.

09 Dec 2021 Blog

Azure App Load Testing PREVIEW

Microsoft has released a new fully managed load testing service that enables you to generate high-scale load. Let's dive in! 

02 Dec 2021 Blog

Intelligently secure your Azure and hybrid resources plus workloads with Azure Defender

It is more important than ever to be well protected, including in Azure. The Azure Defender utility can help with this.

17 Nov 2021 whitepaper

E-book Internet of Things

Discover the possibilities of 'The Internet of Things'.

10 Nov 2021 News

Intercept receives Microsoft Gold Partner Status in 9 different categories

Intercept has acquired seven key Microsoft Gold competencies. In addition to Gold Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Datacenter, Application Development and DevOps. Intercept acquired two more competencies, Gold status for Security, Application Integration and Cloud Solutions are added to the list of achievements.

08 Nov 2021 Blog

Why join the Microsoft Partner Network?

Microsoft has expanded its partner program to fully embrace software companies.

18 Oct 2021 News

Intercept signs Microsoft Partner Pledge for a sustainable and inclusive future

Intercept has signed Microsoft Partner Pledge as one of the first Dutch partners.

11 Oct 2021 Blog

Your Journey into Data Engineering

What is Data and AI and how can you use it within Azure? Find out in this article.

06 Oct 2021 Blog

How to understand and reduce the environmental impact of your software solutions?

Get insight into your consumption now with the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator and see how your company can contribute to a sustainable future. 

01 Oct 2021 Blog

How to connect your SaaS application?

What if you want to use your company credentials to log in to this application? How do you connect a SaaS application to your infrastructure? If you have a hybrid infrastructure there are lots of possibilities.

29 Sep 2021 Blog

Intercept of Things - part 5: Stitching it all together

In this article, we'll tell you more about Device Twins. What are they? And why is it important to understand the capabilities of Device Twins. 

23 Sep 2021 Blog

Get your NEN 7510 certificate with Azure: tips for working safely in the cloud as a healthcare MSP

Help your healthcare clients make a safe transition to the cloud and achieve or maintain your NEN 7510 certification a lot faster with the tips from this blog.

15 Sep 2021 Blog

The Evolution of Azure Firewall

At Intercept, we enable ISVs to build their applications using the power of Microsoft Azure. Bu what actually is Azure Firewall, and why would you use it?

13 Sep 2021 Blog

Your Journey into Data and AI

What is Data and AI and how can you use it within Azure? Find out in this article.

06 Sep 2021 Blog

AKS monitoring and Management

This article is written to give you a high level insight into the possibilities of monitoring (Azure) resources, but AKS cluster in particular.

01 Sep 2021 News

Intercept internationalizes rapidly with digital and local approach for ISVs

Reading time 3 minutes.

With the arrival of COVID-19 the world paused for a while. While many companies were waiting for what was coming next, we opted for a different strategy...

19 Aug 2021 Blog

Intercept of Things - part 4: Device Twins

In this article, we'll tell you more about Device Twins. What are they? And why is it important to understand the capabilities of Device Twins. 

28 Jul 2021 Blog

Intercept of Things - part 3: IoT Edge

We briefly touched edge compute solutions in the previous articles. But what is IoT Edge exactly?

07 Jul 2021 whitepaper

Cloud Essentials e-book

All the basics of Azure in one e-book!

06 Jul 2021 Blog

How do you protect your organization against Ransomware?

Never waste a good crisis”, these famous words by Churchill could not be more relevant today as shown by the increasing number of ransomware attacks which have a significant impact on affected organizations and on our society.

06 Jul 2021 Blog

The evolution of AKS: from Containers to Kubernetes to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

For some time now [Azure] Kubernetes is thé platform to orchestrate containers. Why is this and what are the benefits of using Kubernetes and managed Kubernetes (AKS)?

11 Jun 2021 Blog

Intercept of Things - part 2: Planning your IoT Solution

You have decided that IoT is exactly what you need, and you have a pretty good idea of what you want to set up. But before you get started some planning is in order.

20 May 2021 Blog

Intercept of Things - part 1: Introduction

Internet of Things. Chances are big that you have a “thing” in your house, your office building or your factory that is connected to the Internet. But what are they really?

08 Apr 2021 Blog

Ingress, Services, Pods & Namespaces

One of the motivations for using containers and Kubernetes I come across are “We want to be multi-cloud”. But how easy is it to achieve a hybrid or multi-cloud scenario?

02 Apr 2021 News

Intercept obtains an advanced Azure migration specialization “Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Azure”

Reading time 2 minutes.

18 Mar 2021 Blog

AKS Security

Everyone is working hard on the new platform and then someone asks.. “What about security?”

25 Feb 2021 whitepaper

Thé Intercept AKS e-book

Everything you need to know about Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS).

10 Dec 2020 Blog

Update scenario's op AKS

Reading time 4 minutes.

In this article, I am going to talk about a very important topic: updates. When I say updates, I mean not only Kubernetes updates but also the worker node OS updates. Many people forget about patching the work OS believing that it is taken care of by Microsoft. This is not the case.

26 Nov 2020 Blog

What are Microservices on AKS

Many people talk about Microservices and Service Mesch, but what is this? In this article we'll look at what Microservices are, what a Service Mesh is and what you can do with it, and finally whether you really need it now.

12 Nov 2020 Blog

Going hybrid with Kubernetes

You have a deadline and promised your customers to launch your new platform on a specific date, everyone is working hard and you’re barely meeting your target date. And then someone asks.. “What about security?”

11 Nov 2020 News

Microsoft Azure Expert MSP: from the first in NL to three times in a row

Reading time 3 minutes.

It is the third time that we can proudly claim the Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) status.

27 Oct 2020 News

Our quality promise to you: ISO 9001:2015

‘Say what you do, do what you say and demonstrate how you do it.’ That is a short description of the ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management systems, which we proudly received in September 2020.

14 Oct 2020 Blog

Start up business challenges of ISVs - Competition

As mentioned in the introduction competition should not get the full attention but shouldn’t be forgotten either. In this article I will give you some guideless to stay ahead of the competition.

05 Oct 2020 Blog

What is an Azure Landing Zone?

Reading time 3 minutes.

Landing Zones are the necessary building blocks for each successful cloud adoption strategy. You can compare this with building a new house, you need to have the resources in place before the actual construction.

25 Sep 2020 Blog

Migrate from TFS to Azure DevOps

Reading time 3 minutes.

This article is a step-by-step guide to a successful migration from TFS (or Azure DevOps server) to Azure DevOps Services.

17 Sep 2020 News

Intercept achieved the Microsoft Azure Specialist for ISVs status

We are excited to announce that Intercept on August 21st has been entitled as Microsoft Azure Specialist for ISVs (Independent software Vendors, also known as software driven organizations) in Europe.

06 Aug 2020 Blog

Start up business challenges of ISVs - Product launch

In this article we will tell you more about the best practices that will help during your product launch and will make your customers enthusiastic about the new release.

23 Jul 2020 Blog

Start up business challenges of ISVs - Timing of product release

A product release is one of the most important events in the product lifecycle and the product management process.

13 Jul 2020 News

Intercept wins the Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award 2020!

Intercept proudly announced it has won the 2020 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year award for The Netherlands.

09 Jul 2020 Blog

Start up business challenges of ISVs - How to build a user friendly product

This time we will talk more about the startup challenge how to build a user friendly product.

01 Jul 2020 whitepaper

Transformation areas for ISVs

The five transformation area's of software driven companies when moving to the Cloud.

11 Jun 2020 Blog

ISV Startup business challenges: how do I define the right pricing strategy for my solution?

This time we will take you into the different pricing models. Pricing your SaaS offering is no longer determined simply by cost plus margin.

14 May 2020 Blog

ISV Startup business challenges: How to define a (marketing) strategy to increase the market need?

When zooming in on start-up challenges we will take time to explain the market need. Why it is important to know your market. A good marketing strategy helps you define your vision, mission and business goals.

14 May 2020 Blog

Start up business challenges of ISVs when moving to the cloud

Many ISVs are asking us how we are able to build international business and start with our geo-expansion as we are a small company in the Netherlands. Let us share our best practices with you. 

03 May 2020 whitepaper

E-book: Azure DevOps starters guide

Determine your direction and take off with Azure DevOps.

30 Apr 2020 Blog

Transformation areas for ISVs –Technology

In this article, I would like to focus on how you can grapple with the following topics: expertise management amongst personnel, IaaS vs PaaS, how you can keep pace with innovations, DevOps culture, cloud security, and framework.

16 Apr 2020 Blog

Transformation areas for ISVs – Go to market

This article will look at the go to market change and the decisions that an ISV needs to consider when switching from a legacy application to a SaaS application in the public cloud.

02 Apr 2020 Blog

Transformation Levels for ISVs – Organizational

This article will look at the organizational changes and the decisions that an ISV needs to consider when switching from a legacy application to a SaaS application in the public cloud.

19 Mar 2020 Blog

Transformation areas for ISVs - Financial

In this article, we will share the most important financial considerations and insights that play a role in the switch to the cloud.

18 Mar 2020 Blog

EA to CSP Transition Tool – go from Microsoft Enterprise Agreement to CSP seamlessly

As an Azure Expert MSP, Intercept has the unique capability to transform customers from the traditional EA model to the new CSP model on the fly

09 Mar 2020 Blog

Best practices; Azure Kubernetes cluster set up

Kubernetes is “hot & happening”, almost every company already uses or wants to use Kubernetes. Creating an AKS-cluster seems easy enough, but what if you want to create an AKS-cluster for serious production workloads? In this article we will give you some pointers and best-practices which will help you create an AKS-cluster ready for production environments.

20 Feb 2020 Blog

Transformation areas for ISVs - Strategy

In this article we’re going to talk about one of those transformation that you as an ISV have to deal with. We’re going to deep dive into strategy and talk about the topics that require some thought.

23 Jan 2020 Blog

Cloud Adoption Framework: the Key to Successful Cloud Migration

Microsoft has drawn up the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, which provides guidelines to help you succeed in migrating to the Cloud.

09 Jan 2020 Blog

Which Azure Cloud Services Are Relevant for My Organization?

Azure has a range of services for every kind of Cloud computing that complement your environment. There are numerous Azure Cloud Services to choose from. This article discusses the most important and relevant services for your organization.

19 Dec 2019 Blog

What is Azure Cloud Governance and how do I apply it to my Environment?

Cloud technologies are relatively easy to implement. You can be up and running within minutes, but rushing at the start often leads to more work later on. That’s why it’s important for you to have a solid plan in place.

05 Dec 2019 Blog

How does Azure deal with privacy, security and compliance?

Data security is growing importance. As an organization, you’re obliged – including under strict regulations – to handle your data with care. You don’t want your data to end up in the wrong hands either.

17 Nov 2019 Blog

App and Platform Modernization: Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, Rebuild, and Replace

Once you’ve decided to start working with Azure, the process of Cloud migration begins. Several complex decisions play a role in this process, so it makes sense to work according to a carefully draw up a migration strategy.

07 Nov 2019 Blog

What is Microsoft Azure and why do organizations choose Azure?

This is a five-minute crash course that will help you understand the main features of Microsoft Azure and Cloud computing in general.

24 Oct 2019 Blog

Azure DevOps Extensions Marketplace - Which Extensions Are of Interest?

10 Oct 2019 Blog

Which Azure DevOps Services are of interest to me?

Als je Azure DevOps hebt geïnstalleerd, is het tijd om dieper in de verschillende Services te duiken. Je organisatie kan gebruik maken van Boards, Pipelines, Repos, Test Plans en Artifacts.

12 Sep 2019 Blog

Why Migrate to Azure DevOps Services?

All software companies can currently start from scratch with Azure DevOps Services. All it requires is a free account to get started. Usually, however, an organization uses a predefined environment, such as TFS or on-premises DevOps Server. As change within an organization requires time, money, and energy, it is essential that you know in advance what a migration to Azure DevOps Services of this kind means and will provide.

29 Aug 2019 Blog

Boost Your Software Development with (Azure) DevOps

Unleash the Power of DevOps to Accelerate Your Software Development in a Competitive Market. Learn how (Azure) DevOps enables clear processes, streamlined collaboration, and shorter lead times. Discover what (Azure) DevOps is all about and how it can benefit your company. Click here for valuable insights!

28 Aug 2019 News

Intercept moves to a new office

Intercept has grown rapidly in the past years. Because of this growth, our current office on the Zwartewaterallee in Zwolle has become too small.

15 Aug 2019 Blog

How to reach your audience by utilizing the Microsoft Marketplace

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace. What exactly is it and how can you leverage the power of the Azure Marketplace? Did you know that many companies are already using the marketplace without even being aware? In this article we will dive into the basics of the Azure Marketplace and how you can leverage the benefits.

05 Aug 2019 Blog

Watch how we provide value to our software partners

To help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) accelerate application development and increase business opportunities, Intercept introduces the Cloudify for ISV program.

18 Jul 2019 Blog

Managed Services Providers, how are you managing your customers?

As an Azure Expert MSP, Intercept had the pleasure and privilege of piloting these new capabilities and we’re happy to share our experiences.

27 Jun 2019 Blog

Keep control of your Azure Costs and save money

Cost Management in the ‘cloud age' is becoming increasingly important and more complex when you work with more employees or different cloud vendors.

06 Jun 2019 Blog

The impact of SaaS on the software industry

Software as a service is a model for software licensing that is rapidly becoming the norm in business. But why do so many software companies transfer to SaaS? And what impact does this have on the business process of the ISV?

23 May 2019 Blog

Checklist part 5: Gather performance insights

As the last in the series of articles, we’ll take a look at monitoring your performance and gathering insights.

21 May 2019 Blog

The Cloud is even with a lot of data traffic the solution for ISVs

Many organizations, mainly ISVs, think that moving to the Public Cloud comes with high costs. This does not have to be the case at all. In fact, moving to the Public Cloud is often more cost beneficial.

12 May 2019 News

Intercept recognized as Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider again!

Intercept is one of only a few companies that participate in the Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) program. The program rewards only organizations designated as the most experienced with Microsoft Azure.

28 Apr 2019 Blog

Checklist part 3: Scaling on Azure - The basics

When you start developing your new solution then scaling probably isn’t the first thing you think about.

25 Apr 2019 Blog

Checklist part 4: Determine your availability requirements

As a fourth in a series of articles, we’ll take a look at availability. Which availability requirements are important for your application on Azure?

28 Feb 2019 Blog

Checklist part 2: Choose your architecture before you migrate to Azure

As a second in a series of articles, we’ll take a look at architectures and why it is important to take a look at the overall picture. Do you want to define a roadmap and see where you are in 3 years? Probably not. But you do want to understand the implications your architecture has on added value, available features and pricing.

14 Feb 2019 Blog

Checklist part 1: Choose your strategy before you migrate to Azure

Before you start your Azure journey it’s important to take a step back and think of what you’re trying to achieve. The first step to successfully modernizing your solution is to determine your strategy, short term and long term.

17 Jan 2019 Blog

Top 5 Azure PaaS and serverless services you don't want to miss as an ISV

We work daily with multiple Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to optimize their solution using Microsoft Azure. Since we encounter a number of PaaS services on a daily basis with our clients, we want to share our top 5 with you.

15 Nov 2018 Blog

Discover the power of Microsoft Azure: what is it and how does it work?

Reading time 3 minutes.

The world never stands still, especially in the world of an ISV. So a key question for a software company is: how do I stay up-to-date? Microsoft Azure can help you do just that.

06 Nov 2018 News

Intercept opens new location above Microsoft in Amsterdam!

Reading time 1 minutes.

19 Oct 2018 News

ecManager and Intercept close Azure support agreement

ecManager, provider of mid-market digital commerce platform ecManager, has signed an agreement with Microsoft Expert MSP and Azure CSP partner Intercept.

18 Oct 2018 Blog

3 scenarios every ISV can find itself in

Reading time 3 minutes.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have in common that they once started with a brilliant idea, saw a gap in the market, developed an application, and then got into business. However, the entire software industry has been completely shaken up and turned upside down since the invention of the cloud.

30 Apr 2018 Blog

The private cloud does not exist. It is outdated and unnecessarily expensive

Reading time 1 minutes.

For a long time, investing in private cloud solutions was seen as a wise choice. Entrepreneurs thought they were bringing knowledge and expertise in-house that way because they controlled the entire system. Nothing could be further from the truth.

16 Jan 2018 Blog

IT-security: Intercept and extra safety in healthcare

Reading time 1 minutes.

Storing and securing data files often seems like a given. Yet security and safeguarding data can be vital. Especially in healthcare.

11 Oct 2017 Blog

Four pitfalls of migrating to the public cloud

Reading time 2 minutes.

When you migrate to the public cloud with your application, data, and workloads, you want everything to go right. In this article, you'll read about the four pitfalls we encounter when migrating to the Azure cloud.

10 Jan 2017 News

Intercept extends ISO 27001 certification

Renewing the ISO 27001 certificate confirms that Intercept meets the highest standards regarding information security.