Deep Dive

The Key Principles for Ensuring Data Engineering and AI Security

Data & AI security

1.5 Hour



Whether you're already a data and AI expert or just getting started in the world of data and artificial intelligence, don't worry. Our Data & AI Security Workshop is suitable for various levels of knowledge and experience. Enroll and gain valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance your awareness of security in the realm of data and AI.

Is your data engineering and AI systems security strategy prepared for the next level? Get ready to explore how Data Engineering and AI can enhance your software company's security measures and ensure GDPR compliance. This workshop presents a unique opportunity for your organization to dive deep into the realm of Secure Data Engineering and AI within the Azure framework.

Are you facing the challenges of effectively managing large volumes of data while adhering to GDPR requirements and security best practices? In this workshop, we will walk you through the creation of robust data pipelines that ensure both data security and GDPR compliance, all while following best practices.

Discover the seamless integration of AI into your systems to elevate predictive analytics and intelligent recommendations, all while maintaining stringent data protection standards. Additionally, you will gain insights into implementing end-to-end security measures that protect data storage, strengthen AI applications, and prioritize security at the core of your software development processes.


Leonor Sa

Azure Data Engineer

Data Engineering and AI Security and GDPR Compliancy for Software Companies

Securing Data Engineering pipelines for Software Organizations on Azure

Securing AI systems in Software Development on Azure

Live Q&A Session

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