Optimise your software deployment and streamline collaboration with Azure DevOps: find out during our workshop ‘DevOps on Azure’.

DevOps on Azure

1.5 Hour



The 'DevOps on Azure' Workshop is great for novice and more advanced developers and administrators. In addition, we see that product owners, CEOs, and CTOs regularly attend this workshop. The trainers are seasoned industry experts. They have tailored the content of the workshop specifically to the needs of software-driven organisations, ensuring that you receive practical knowledge and strategies that are immediately applicable in your work environment.

DevOps on Azure

What will you learn during the DevOps on Azure Workshop?

This training provides an in-depth exploration of the DevOps lifecycle on Azure. You will learn to use Azure DevOps Tooling effectively and gain insight into implementing the methodology. We discuss all the key topics, such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Boards, Repos and Pipelines. We will go deeper into the flexibility of architecture pipelines and show how to integrate them seamlessly with modern technologies such as microservices, containers, and serverless functions.

Workshop 'DevOps in Azure': learn, develop & deploy

Are you a SaaS company or a software-driven organisation striving for top performance? Do you want to professionalise your software releases and take them to the next level? Then, learn how to take advantage of Azure DevOps in 1.5 hours during this workshop, ‘DevOps in Azure’. Develop the essential skills for working more efficiently, releasing faster, and improving collaboration between developers and your operational teams.

  • No prior knowledge is required

  • Tailored for software-driven organisations

  • Free registration


Wim Eling

Azure Developer

Björn Borneman

Azure developer

DevOps Fundamentals

Azure DevOps Tooling

Architecture Pipelines

Pitfalls and user cases

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