Opportunities for healthcare on Azure

Healthcare institutions seize opportunity through Azure to work on innovative solutions to improve the lives of millions of people

Reading time 3 minutes. Published: 17 September 2022

Cloud Computing: the innovation accelerator for the healthcare industry

IT was once one of the support services in healthcare. Now it is a crucial, strategic pillar in the activities of healthcare providers. Driven by the arrival of COVID-19, healthcare cloud computing took off even more. A unique opportunity that innovative healthcare organizations are taking advantage of. Investing in solutions, such as video consultations and medical equipment with IoT technology, improves their work's quality and continuity.

It is therefore not surprising that the healthcare cloud computing market is growing exponentially. The European healthcare cloud computing market is expected to grow from $20 billion (in 2018) to $55 billion (in 2025). One thing is certain now is the time for software companies to work on innovative healthcare products and services. That improves the lives of millions of patients and clients.

Innovation accelerator

Cloud computing offers various advantages for developing meaningful, innovative (software) products for the healthcare industry. Think of electronic medical records, patient portals, mobile apps, and medical devices with IoT technology. Which improves patient engagement, promotes healthy team collaboration, and provides clinical and operational insights. While simultaneously reducing operational costs. Win-win.

Security and big data

Healthcare institutions are using the cloud more and more. Servers and data centers are taking the highest possible security measures to transfer patient-related data to the cloud. In large numbers. More than 4 trillion gigabytes of healthcare data are generated every year. That number doubles every two years.

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"Intercept brought a security specialist to the first meeting. They understood the problem and the importance of security in our industry. That was the deciding factor for us to go with them", says Martijn Nieuwenhuis, IT Manager at Qualizorg.
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Why Intercept as a Cloud Partner for Healthcare?

As a recognized Microsoft Partner, and Azure Expert MSP for ISVs, we support software companies that specialize in healthcare in transforming to Microsoft Azure. Like Ecare from Enschede, for whom we migrated their monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture. This greatly improved the performance of their digital health record. We also migrated Qualizorg from the Private Cloud to Azure. This not only resulted in cost reductions but also in a secure environment with high privacy standards.


Case Study Ecare

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Case Study Qualizorg

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