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Case Study Qualizorg

Qualiview migrates from Private Cloud to Azure: fast, scalable and secure.

Qualiview is the tool from Qualizorg that allows healthcare organizations to gain insight into the experiences of their clients and patients. Through automated data collection, healthcare providers have an up-to-date overview of the quality of their services. The results are available to healthcare organizations in real time.

To keep the speed and user experience optimal, Qualizorg decided to migrate the application to Azure. Below you can read how we successfully realized this project.


The situation

Qualizorg specializes in collecting, managing and providing insight into quality indicators in healthcare. Qualizorg is market leader in the Netherlands and manages various databases. In addition, it is the party behind the leading data collection and analysis tool Qualiview.

Qualiview is used by over 9,500 healthcare organizations with more than 50,000 healthcare providers. Annually, over 3 million patients complete a questionnaire.

Until recently, Qualiview was hosted in a Private Cloud. This limited the scalability options. The costs of storage and computing power were running high in order to keep the growth of data flows and thus the speed and user experience of the tool optimal for customers and respondents. Qualizorg therefore decided to migrate the application to Azure and enlisted our help.

The challenge

Martijn Nieuwenhuis, IT Manager at Qualizorg, explains: "Qualiview is growing fast. A big challenge was the fluctuation in the use of Qualiview. Questionnaires, for example, are often completed in the evening, which means we have up to 300% more users. In busy periods this can even go up to 600%. We needed an environment that could easily scale with the fluctuating demand. Private Cloud providers only look at peak load, but you always pay too much.

This prompted me to look for a better solution and it was also a good opportunity to bring the outdated infrastructure up to a higher level. I ended up at Azure and thus at a number of parties who could help us with that, including Intercept.

Intercept stood out. They didn't come with a Pre Sales or generic consultant, but took a security specialist with them at the first meeting. They understood the problem and the importance of security in our industry. That was the deciding factor for us to go with them." 

"With the help of Intercept, we as an organization have really taken a professionalization step. Intercept is accessible, enthusiastic and a real team player."
Martijn Nieuwenhuis IT manager at Qualizorg

The solution

We migrated Qualiview's entire customer environment from a Private Cloud to Azure. An elevator & shift. This replaced the static model with a dynamic and scalable one. Then we started taking the next steps towards a completely serverless environment with a DevOps way of working. 

Qualizorg was already working agile using Jira. Therefore, the migration to Azure DevOps went smoothly. The Qualizorg team could easily switch to the new environment.

We also achieved office automation by moving everything to Office 365. We currently offer a wide range of Managed Services, so that Qualizorg has little to worry about in terms of the entire IT environment. 

The results

Qualizorg, by using Azure, can easily respond to fluctuating computing power needs. Before generating reports they scale up, and then scale down again. This results in a big cost savings. Because they can always scale up, the risk of downtime is also low. 

In healthcare, security and protection of patient data is of the utmost importance. Qualiview has been transferred to the most secure environment we offer and meets high security and privacy standards.

Qualizorg can use automated pipelines with Azure DevOps. This allows the team to continue to develop quickly and roll out releases automatically. 


Qualizorg about Intercept

Martijn Nieuwenhuis: "Intercept consists of an enthusiastic team of Azure specialists who also understand what is going on in a company. They don't deliver ready-made solutions, but really think along with you. Very accessible. With the help of Intercept we have really professionalized our organization."