Azure Cloud Native Infrastructure

Thé Intercept AKS e-book

Everything you need to know about Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

We help a lot of ISVs (independent software vendors) with the transformation to the cloud. We notice that many companies have questions about Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS). That's why we’ve decided to create an AKS e-book with all the answers to questions that we came across.

In this e-book, our colleagues Wesley Haakman (Lead Architect & Azure MVP), Richard Hooper (Azure Architect & Azure MVP), and Martin Pronk (Azure Consultant) are sharing all that's important when getting started with AKS.

After reading this e-book...

... You'll know why AKS is the solution for you and your team
... You can decide if Azure Kubernetes is a good match for your software architecture
... You have all the tools to get started with Kubernetes
... You know what to do before you start pushing Kubernetes cluster to production

What to expect?

Think of this e-book as your AKS manual. The following 8 topics are discussed:

  1. The evolution of AKS
  2. Hybrid deployments with Kubernetes
  3. Microservices on AKS
  4. Update scenarios AKS
  5. Linux vs Windows containers
  6. Security on AKS
  7. Ingress, Services, Pods and Namespaces
  8. Monitoring and managing AKS clusters

    And many extras!

Download the e-book and learn everything you need to know about AKS (including the 6 reasons why AKS is the solution for you)!