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Update: New licensing model Microsoft New Commerce Experience: price changes and new policies

This new model ensures a consistent policy with clear agreements and transparent procedures across Microsoft's cloud products and procurement channels.

Published: 18 March 2022

Important information

  • Until February 28, you can renew the subscriptions (for up to 12 months) or take them under the same conditions, including the price of the existing CSP model;
  • As of March 1, all customer agreements will be under NCE terms and conditions;
  • As of March 1, you will pay 20% more for licenses that can be canceled monthly;

Update considering the above: Please note that Microsoft has extended the transition period to move to NCE until March 14.

Permanent change in prices

A permanent price change has been implemented for the following six products at recommended retail prices*:

    • Office 365 E1 $10
    • Office 365 E3 $23
    • Office 365 E3 $38
    • Microsoft 365 Business Basic $6
    • Microsoft 365 Business Premium $22
    • Microsoft 365 E3 $36

* Prices are based on a 12-monthly agreement

The new cancellation policy within NCE

The new cancellation policy at a glance.

  • When you sign up for a subscription, you have 7 days (before 72 hours) to cancel the subscription at no cost. After this 7-day cancellation period, no pro-rata refunds are available for cancellations.
  • Microsoft will charge for all cancellations for the entire remaining term if you have a 12-month or 36-month contract.
  • During the term of an NCE agreement, additional licenses can be added under the same price conditions. The end date of the commitment remains the same.
  • If you purchase fewer licenses than you specified prior, Microsoft will continue to charge you for the original numbers (for the remaining term).

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