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E-book: Azure DevOps starters guide

Software companies face the daily challenge of proving themselves in what is a competitive and changing market. Software not only needs to be released on the market more quickly but also needs to be continually adapted to ensure that it meets the needs of its end users. The key is a streamlined method of working. Clear communication. Clearer processes. And short lead times. But how can these improvements be achieved?

Let’s assume that you didn’t just stumble upon this white paper by chance. You have undoubtedly heard of ‘Azure DevOps’ before and are keen to understand what it could do for your organization.

This white paper, let’s call it an Azure DevOps starters’ guide, will give you a sound basis. After reading it, you’ll know what DevOps and Azure DevOps are and what their benefits are in comparison with similar principles. You will understand the process of migrating to Azure DevOps and how Azure DevOps can be integrated into your organization. Lastly, we will explain how your team can work with the key tools and extensions.

By downloading this e-book you get access to the resources below + a few extras:

1. What is Azure DevOps

2. Why Migrate to Azure DevOps Services?

3. Migration from TFS to Azure DevOps – Step-by-Step Plan

4. Which Azure DevOps Services Are of Interest to Me?

5. Azure DevOps Extensions Marketplace: Which Extensions Are of Interest? 

6. FAQ