MVP Global Summit 2023

MVP Gregor Suttie's experience at the MVP Summit 2023 event.

Reading time 2 minutes. Published: 28 April 2023

MVP Gregor Suttie reflects on the MVP Global

Summit event 2023


The event

The MVP Summit took place on 17-21 April 2023 on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. It contained both in-person and some virtual attendance options and it was a unique opportunity for MVPs to interact directly with Microsoft engineers and product managers.

The event featured a wide range of sessions covering topics such as among others Azure, Microsoft 365, Windows, Data and AI. We were able to connect with other MVPs and other Microsoft employees and we were able to build relationships that will be helpful while working with Microsoft's products and services.


The highlights

During the event, MVPs are under strict NDA’s on the content so I am not able to share details of the sessions. However, what I can share with you are my personal highlights of the event:

  1.    One of my highlights was the keynote address by Executive Vice President of the Cloud and AI group in Microsoft, Scott Guthrie. Scott discussed Microsoft's vision for the future and covered in detail investments being made by Microsoft.
  2.    Another highlight was for me the opportunity for us MVPs to provide feedback on Microsoft's products and services. We were able to participate in focus groups and other feedback sessions where we could share our thoughts and ideas with Microsoft engineers and product managers. This feedback is critical to the development of Microsoft's products and services and helps ensure that they meet the needs of Microsoft's customers.
  3.    Lastly, being on campus and seeing the buildings where the products are built were a highlight for me as well. The tours which were available to in-person attendees included a chance to visit and sightsee around Seattle.


Wrap up of the event

Overall, the MVP Summit was a very valuable and informative event. For me it provided a forum for MVPs to learn about Microsoft's products and services.

The event also highlighted the importance of the MVP program, and the critical role that MVPs play in shaping the future of Microsoft's products and services. It was the first time that I attended MVP Summit in-person and I thought it was incredible!

'I hope I remain an MVP and will able to attend the MVP Summint in person for many years to come!'

- Gregor Suttie -

MVP at Intercept