Microsoft announces a price increase

Microsoft announces a price increase as of April 1, 2023. Read for more information!

Published: 22 February 2023

Microsoft increases its local prices with:

GPD: +9%
DKK, EUR, NOK: +11%
SEK: +15%

As a Microsoft partner, Intercept will also face the consequences of Microsoft’s price increase. Therefore, we will briefly outline the implication for you as a customer of Intercept.

To which licenses does this price increase apply?

The above price increase applies to the Azure Legacy CSP and seat-based model in New Commerce CSP.  Prices of New Commerce CSP, often referred to as the Azure plan, are by default priced in US dollars so that nothing will change here. The price increase will not apply to on-premises software in CSP either.

How does this price change affect me as an Intercept customer regarding Azure New Commerce experience?

The price change will not have implications for you as an Intercept customer of Azure within the New Commerce Experience since prices of Azure within CSP will remain unchanged. Therefore, the above-announced price change will not directly affect you.

Please note: for customers who also purchase Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365), the below is applicable:

Current subscriptions for Legacy and New Commerce seat-based offerings for CSP have price protection for the duration of the subscription (starting 12 months from the start of the subscription). Any additional seats that are added to a subscription will be charged as per the agreed price.


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