Cloud-Native Software Development

Our scrum-based cloud-native software development provides a decent minimum viable product (MVP) solution, a solution that is easy to deliver and quick to expand.

Cloud-native software development is an approach to creating and running applications specifically designed to benefit from the perks of cloud infrastructure.
It uses modern technologies like containers, microservices, serverless computing, and DevOps to build and manage applications. On top of that, cloud-native software development enables further modernization of your software development practice.

The goal of cloud-native software development is to create applications that are more: 

  • Agile
  • Resilient
  • Scalable
Cloud Native

Benefits of cloud application development

Cloud-native technologies and tools are required during cloud application development. This includes practices like DevOps automation, continuous integration delivery, and cloud-native programming languages. All to enable a faster and more efficient deployment process.

Embracing cloud-native software development provides a greater level of agility and scalability while it reduces costs and it improves security. This makes it an attractive option for those who want to benefit from the cloud infrastructure.

Why Intercept?

Intercept helps customers with the modernization and improvement of applications. Step by step we support you in becoming more cloud native. We help you to implement the best practices with the use of agile and continuous delivery. All this, working alongside the customer’s architects and development teams.

Why should you consider Cloud-Native Software Development?

Faster deployment icon

Faster deployment

Cloud-native software development allows developers to quickly deploy applications and services with minimal set-up and configuration. This helps to reduce time and to save costs associated with manual deployments.

Scalability Cloud icon


Cloud-native software solutions are highly scalable. This means it can be adjusted depending on changing demand. Organizations can quickly add extra users or features without consequences for the manual configuration.

Continuous Integration icon

Continuous integration and delivery

Cloud-native software solutions are designed for continuous integration and continuous delivery. This enables developers to quickly move applications/services from development to production with ease.

Cost-effectiveness icon


Cloud-native solutions are way more cost-effective than traditional software solutions, requiring less overhead and maintenance.

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Improved security

Cloud-native solutions are designed for effective security, to provide tools and processes for organizations that are needed to protect data and applications.

Is cloud-native software development something for me?

It is especially interesting for software organizations that face challenges in getting their application to become cloud-native. For those organizations that are eager to stay relevant in the future. Regardless of the current use of a private or public cloud, we can help you to migrate to Azure. In addition, for those organizations that are currently already working with Azure, we provide support to optimize the performance of your application development.

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