Customer story

Case Study Mobile Keys

Mobile Keys created a software solution where you can easily and safely access buildings and houses.

Mobile Keys is an organization founded in 2008 with the aim of providing an answer to a problem that mainly occurs in the home care, but which is also present in other branches. The problem is providing access to different locations at planned- or unplanned moments.

Due to the aging society, the need for home automation to support independent living by elderly people with technical gadgets will increase. Also the healthcare costs and the need for flexible home care will only increase. Mobile Keys has the ambition to occupy an important place partially in the home care market to improve the safe, costs and above all the safety of electronic access to care homes. This will provide the goal of helping elderly and dependent people to live as long as possible in their own home and familiar environment.

The solution of Mobile Keys
Due to this problem Mobile Keys provided an solution. They created a software solution where you can easily and safely access buildings and houses. The only thing you need to do is install a small safe on the door. With this safe you can share the access with people through an app. With this app and the password you can open the safe and open the door. This is ideal for older people and the health care branch because you don’t have to walk to the door to open it. 

It is of course essential that the data from both the safe and the app is properly secured. 
They wanted to move to the public cloud Microsoft Azure because they have no possibility for growth. They have issues with unreliable services and they want to improve this, therefore they wanted to transform to the cloud. The choice for Azure was easily made because Mobile Keys primarily use Microsoft products in the development of the product and because of the many advantages of Azure. The step to host the platform on a Microsoft platform was a natural step.

Mobile Keys had already made the choice for Microsoft Azure and went looking for a partner.
It was very important for Mobile Keys that the entire service and uptime must be guaranteed by a professional team which reinforces the Mobile Key support with knowledge and expertise, so they came in contact with Intercept. Choosing the right solution and configuration settings and staying up to date with all knowledge and changes to the platform is very complex.

‘’The Azure platform has many facets. Choosing the right setting and configuration and staying up to date with all knowledge and changes to the platform is very complex, therefore Mobile Keys is happy with Intercept as their Partner to help.’’
Pepijn Visser CTO Mobile Keys

Future proof Mobile Keys
By using Microsoft Azure It gives Mobile Keys the opportunity to achieve more with a smaller team and to bind lager customers. So they can focus on the solutions within the software and they no longer have to worry about implementations on the hardware or design.

Intercept has shown that it has a number of highly qualified persons on board who considered the value of the problem and came up with an appropriate solution. Sometime advise to change some configuration or even programming tips or the complete design of new components in the Azure environment.
Pepijn Visser CEO/CTO Mobile Keys