Customer story

A secure and (cost)efficient Azure landing zone for Enovation

Intercept is the expert partner for more than 160 clients. We offer scalable IT solutions in the public cloud. One customer of Intercept is Enovation. As an experienced player in healthcare and eHealth, Enovation provides a digital platform with the ability to exchange medical information digitally and support networked healthcare processes securely.

We realized a new Azure landing zone for Enovation, compliant with privacy and security regulations in the healthcare sector. We spoke with Eugène van der Meijs, manager of Office Automation at Enovation. He manages the team that is responsible for internal automation.

Enovation on Azure

"Enovation is a group of companies," Eugène explains. "Every year, we acquire 1-2 companies from the market that provide a healthcare product or service complementary to our platform. These new solutions must be integrated into the organization and the underlying automation processes. One component of that implementation is migrating new solutions from current data centers to Azure."

For a successful migration and implementation of solutions within Azure, Enovation wants to accomplish two things:

  • A good foundation on the Azure platform, which allows new solutions to be deployed quickly and securely according to Enovation standards (in terms of security and privacy);
  • Merging and reorganizing current tenants and vendors to simplify management.

A new Azure landing zone

Digital products and services in healthcare are subject to strict security and privacy requirements. Enovation desired to reduce the current infrastructure from nine to two Azure environments, into which new projects could be more easily integrated by laws and regulations and the standards set by Enovation itself. Our Cloud Architect worked with the Enterprise Architect on Enovation's side to develop a design based on Enovation's needs and requirements.

Subsequent to this, we redefined the entire Azure network for Enovation in the form of a new Azure landing zone, according to the desired privacy and security standards. Through this Azure landing zone, the existing environments are more manageable. Various customer environments and first tenants are now merged. Enovation can quickly and securely deploy new software through the new Azure landing zone under their security and privacy conditions.

''We work with Intercept on a project basis and use support and management services. We are completely satisfied with our versatile partnership."
Eugène van der Meijs Manager of Office Automation

Intercept as Azure service partner

Enovation has engaged Intercept as a new service partner and currently utilizes Reassure, a platform developed by Intercept with extensive possibilities to gain more insight into and save on cloud costs. With the integration with Reassure, costs are allocated to different products and services, allowing for better calculations and pricing.

Eugène explains: "Our subscriptions were running through a separate CSP. Given the volume, control, and cost savings we want to achieve, we selected Intercept as our new service partner. Intercept is a reliable CSP with good support. We are now also using Reassure, which gives us more insight into subscriptions, consumption, and resources and allows us to scale up and down according to usage easily."

A pleasant collaboration

In a short period, we created a new landing zone for Enovation, enabling them to roll out new solutions faster, more securely, and compliant with all regulations. Eugène concludes, "We work with Intercept on a project basis and use support and management services. We have very comprehensive cooperation, and it’s all going to our complete satisfaction."