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The year of AI, driving innovation and efficiency

Without a doubt, 2023 will be known as the year of AI. We have seen the rise of generative AI for the general public. And with it, announcements about mergers, acquisitions, and some wild company valuations that offer AI services.

Looking forward to 2024, software-driven companies will emphasize more on developing meaningful AI strategies and delivering on the AI promise.

Published: 24 November 2023

With great power comes great responsibility. And we expect that AI will be heavily regulated going forward, with the EU most likely to be the first to introduce specific regulations. But this will also immediately lag behind due to the speed of AI advancement.

Microsoft has invested heavily in the responsible use of AI with Azure AI services. The AI Trust Center offers a lot of compelling insights that allow you to drive business results while preserving data, privacy, transparency, and trust.

Embracing Azure AI is therefore a winning move for businesses interested in engineering unique cloud-based experiences and solutions. Azure AI is a bundle of AI and Machine Learning tools that simplify modernizing operations and help with complex decision-making.

With Azure AI, software-driven companies can cut down costs, streamline processes, and rapidly roll out enhanced or new unique services to their users, ensuring a quick ROI.

Incorporating AI is already the top 3 focus for many organizations, big or small, and across various sectors.

As per Forrester's recent survey, 73% of decision-makers in data and analytics are investing in AI, with a projected increase in AI software spending to a staggering $64 billion by 2025.

Forrester also highlights Azure AI's quick payback in under six months due to accurate pre-trained models and seamless integration with other Azure and Microsoft Cloud products. There is often no need to train your models anymore, something that has made AI-powered functionality available for every software product.

Microsoft often talks about technology as a journey, and in this one, AI is what gives digital transformation a real sense of adventure and new purpose. The incredible possibilities, available to everyone on the planet, will continue to grow the coming AI wave.

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