Customer story

Premium Support, priceless for Interactive Studios

Healthcare is an always-on industry. Therefore, patients’ and caregivers’ platforms must always be up and running. "A few months ago, we had a problem with a hard drive in the evening. Fortunately, Intercept came to the rescue, even though we didn't have 24/7 support. We immediately became Premium Support customers a day later, " explains Floris Valenkamp, founder of Interactive Studios.

Since 2018, Interactive Studios has worked with Intercept on cloud solutions for platforms focused on treatment processes. About six months ago, they became Intercept's first Premium Support customer.

From much-needed websites to serious CMS for healthcare

Almost twenty years ago, Floris and two friends started building sites for some local construction companies from their attic room. About ten years ago, they traded the websites and custom software projects for their software as a service product in healthcare: OnlinePROMS (data collection) and Patient Journey App (monitoring and information).

When Interactive Studios chose healthcare, they also had to comply with healthcare quality and security standards, such as ISO 27001 and NEN 7510. Floris: "In 2018, we needed to go to Azure, but it was a must to do this with a reliable partner familiar with the certifications within healthcare."


"Since we have Premium Support, it's a reassuring feeling that there is always someone from Intercept ready to help you."
Floris Valenkamp Founder and owner of Interactive Studios

Second opinions, cleaning databases, and AKS

Intercept's Azure Expert MSP status and expertise in healthcare put Intercept on the map as a partner for Interactive Studios. Intercept's experience in healthcare certification came in handy during the collaboration. Floris: "Our Patient Journey App, OnlinePROMs and PREMs, and Pocket Cards App are the three SaaS solutions we manage. We set everything up ourselves. Intercept provides an excellent level of service coupled with advanced Azure knowledge. That's why we regularly ask Intercept for a second opinion."

Intercept is currently working on migrating a database server now running in Docker. If this is successful, Interactive Studios plans to implement AKS later. The most crucial aspect here is that Interactive Studios can reach someone from Intercept at all times, whenever something goes wrong.

Premium Support: crucial in the healthcare sector

Different healthcare platforms require specific attention. Not only during regular working hours but also outside of them. Floris: "Of course, we want our SaaS solutions to be available at all times, and since we have Premium Support, it's a reassuring feeling that there is always someone from Intercept ready to help you."

In need of 24/7 support?

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