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Intercept Managed Services

Grow faster and better with an Azure Expert MSP

Azure provides efficient ways of running workloads and gives you numerous possibilities. As a Managed Services Partner we help you to embrace Azure so you can transform, modernize and accelerate your business even faster. As a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP Direct) we focus on pricing innovation with the goal of helping you to do more and better with less money while maintaining simplicity and flexibility.

Continuity guaranteed


Intercept Support is the continuity guarantee of your Azure environment. We go for nothing less than an excellent user experience and performance of your workloads and applications in the Azure cloud.

Completely Unburdened

Maintaining the infrastructure in Azure is not your core business. Intercept ensures that you can continue to focus on the work you love doing by taking care of the support and hosting of your application(s) and workloads.

Enable growth


Expand into new markets and industries, help you utilizing cloud technology to enable growth and move away from legacy infrastructure and development practices that block your progress and hinder speed.

Stay Relevant


Transforming your business to Azure. Staying relevant and ahead of your customers by modernizing your workloads, development practices and possibly your offering. As an addition we will proactively provide you with insights to make the most out of Azure.


What do we offer you?


24 x 7 support

Access to our Support desk, 24x7x36 availability in escalation events and unlimited number of calls.

Business and technical Insights

We will proactively provide you with strategic inspiration and practical Azure Insights, like guides, workshops and business deep dives
Azure Monitor

Application and platform Insights

Proactive management and monitoring on the application platform and other workloads. We can give you insight into everything

Registrations in TOPdesk

All registrations are listed in TOPdesk with the completion of periodic management reporting (monthly)

Advanced support for partners

You get access to our additional Azure support contracts: Microsoft Advanced Support for Partners.

Managed Security Services

Additional: our Managed Security Services (IMSS) enables you to control the security and compliance of your IT environment.

Your business continuity, our support

When you partner with trusted MSP who is a Microsoft Direct (Tier 1) Cloud Service Provider as well, you gain access to the power of Azure, while getting the personalized service that helps you transform, modernize and accelerate on Azure.

Intercept is one of only a few companies to join the Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) program. This program rewards only organizations designated as the most experienced with Microsoft Azure. Companies recognized as Azure Expert MSPs are able to deliver Managed Services and business solutions on Azure on a large scale and in complex situations. Read our story


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