Managed Services

You want to focus on what's most important to you and your customers: your software. We can help. How? By managing, monitoring, and maintaining your Azure environment. By responding to incidents and advising you on improvements and ways to save on Azure costs. This way we ensure that your customers have fast and secure access to their business-critical systems. And that your Azure environment is always up-and-running, secure, and cost-efficient. That's Managed Services by Intercept.

Three customer-driven service plans

Not every software company is the same. Some prefer to focus solely on software development, without having to think about things such as infrastructure and hosting. While others prefer to do as much as possible themselves and only spar with our Azure experts when complex challenges arise. That is why we have developed three service plans. Based on the wishes, needs, and experiences of our customers. From minimal to full support. With each plan, you get free access to our customer portal. This offers management information and ensures that developers and administrators have all the insights and tools they need to continuously improve the Azure environment.

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1. Full Stack Support ★★★

You want to fully focus on development and innovation. That's why we gladly take over both the management and the maintenance of your Azure environment. We are available 24/7 and monitor your environment proactively. Our performance, in combination with the agreed SLA, is reflected in the customer portal. Just like your governance scores, Azure insights, recommendations, our best practices, and automation options. Here you will also find your personal roadmap, containing the custom optimizations we implement for you. In short: with Full Stack Support you can create innovative software, while we keep your Azure environment up-to-date and continuously improve it.

2. Premium Support ★★

Software companies that monitor their Azure environment themselves during office hours, but could use some help or advice, opt for Premium Support. Think of it as roadside assistance. If a breakdown occurs, you can always call us and we will be there for you. Day and night. You will receive a bill afterward for the services provided. To prevent incidents, we set up reactive monitoring for you. This automatically sends notifications about user experience information and errors to your inbox or smartphone. You also have access to our customer portal for managing your governance and various Azure insights, recommendations, best practices, and automation. With Premium Support, you are sure that you always have access to our Azure specialists.

3. CSP Support ★

CSP Support is suitable for organizations that only want to purchase Azure, without additional management or monitoring services. With this subscription, you benefit from our support contract with Microsoft. And you have direct access to our more than 20 Azure experts. Most of your questions we can answer directly. For all others, we have a dedicated contact at Microsoft, who will answer us in no time. In short: with CSP Support you purchase Azure from a partner who understands your environment and has in-depth knowledge and experience with the cloud platform

"In our longstanding relationship with Intercept, they serviced us with technical skills and knowledge to become a global cloud company."
Bram Hirsch COO @ Mavim

Free customer portal with managed services

As a specialist for ISVs, we know the challenges of software companies inside out. We transform this knowledge into new products and services, such as our customer portal that offers targeted management information for your Azure environment. When purchasing one of the service plans mentioned above, you get immediate access to the portal. You only pay the monthly rate. Adding an additional employee to the portal is free of charge. With the insights from the customer portal, we help you to maximize the possibilities of Azure.


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View and compare our service plans

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