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Transformation areas for ISVs

The five transformation areas of software-driven companies when moving to the Cloud.

We help a lot of ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) with the transformation to the cloud every day. We notice that many companies have questions about this process because your organization is not only going through a technological transformation. There are more transformation areas that you have to take into account when you migrate to a public Cloud. In this E-book, Job Verhagen (CEO, Intercept) is going to tell you more about all the transformation areas.

As an ISV, if you switch from a legacy application to a SaaS application, your organization will undergo a transformation in five areas: Strategy, Financial, Organization, Go To Market, and Technology. In this e-book, we take a closer look at these areas. We describe 1 of these areas per chapter. These areas do partially overlap, or one has an impact on the other, so you can't think of them as five separate areas. But they each have their own questions and topics to consider. In the appendix, we have added a few reference designs that you can consult during the transformation to the Cloud.

After reading this e-book you will have all the necessary knowledge to initiate the digital transformation within your organization and you know what to consider.

By downloading this e-book you get access to the resources below + a few extras:

1. The strategic choices you have to consider when moving to the cloud.
2. The most important financial considerations and insights that play a role in the switch to the cloud.

3. The organizational changes during the transition to a SaaS application.
4. The Go to Market changes to consider when moving to the cloud. 
5. The technical changes and choices to consider when moving to the cloud.

Appendix: Reference Designs

Download the e-book now and learn more about the 5 areas of transformation that you should definitely not forget when switching to a public cloud.