Customer Portal for total control over your Azure environment

The Customer Portal offers management information to reduce costs and ensures that developers and administrators have all the insights and tools they need to continuously improve the Azure environment.

The six key advantages of Intercept's Customer Portal

1. Insights into, and saving on your Azure environment

With our Customer Portal, you can be sure you're never paying too much. The platform automatically identifies unused and under-utilized resources. And proactively advises you to switch them off or down to a lower resource. You choose whether to follow this advice. If you take it, then scaling back is done with just one push of a button. Is your resource in use? Then just permit us to perform the downscaling for you. 

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Learn more about how you can save costs in our Cost Management workshop

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2. Cloud Governance: all policies in one dashboard

Governance audits are often seen as a time-consuming process. Using the Cloud Governance dashboard (in Power BI), you no longer need to manually cross-reference different data sources to prove that your applications are compliant with policies. Here you can see at a glance whether your applications comply with Intercept's best practices. These are based on our security and compliance best practices and the standards of Microsoft. With the scores provided in this dashboard, you have all the evidence you need for (ISO) audits. And has risk been identified? Then you easily navigate to your Azure environment to solve it immediately.

3. Everything in one place

The Customer Portal is linked to our ticketing and monitoring system, your Azure Portal, and your Office 365 environment. So you have all the information you need, to start saving costs or focussing on continuous improvement, in one place. If you have a question, you can easily log it via the portal. All your questions, both to us and Microsoft, are logged here. So you can easily retrieve all the advice we gave you.

4. Easily scale up or down your licenses

You are in full control of your own Microsoft Azure and Office 365 licenses. Easily scale up or down and create your own subscriptions in Azure. You pay based on what you use. Do you want to go back to the previous situation, or is less capacity needed? Then simply scale down.

5. Improve or save with filtered recommendations

Are you familiar with Microsoft's automated recommendations? These are very useful. At least, if you know which ones are important to you. Therefore, we filter out the relevant recommendations for you. This way you only see the recommendations that improve your Azure environment or save costs. The only thing you have to do is give us your approval and we will take care of the rest.

6. Servicelibrary for automatic deployments

Do you often run the same deployment scenario? Then it's time to automate. That's what the service library is for. This is where deployment processes that are often repeated are stored. So you can easily reapply them. For example, if you have three different types of customers you can create fixed scenarios. At the kick-off of a new customer, you easily activate the right scenario from the portal. This will then automatically start in Azure

You can also:

  1. Create tickets easily;
  2. View your invoices, contracts, and service level agreement (SLA);
  3. Monitor your Governance;
  4. Scale your Azure and Office 365 licenses up and down;
  5. And easily monitor your Azure consumption.

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