Customer story

Case Study Negometrix

Datacenter transformation: Transforming the software platform of Negometrix to public cloud of Microsoft Azure

Negometrix is a multinational software development and support organization with their headquarters located in Utrecht, Netherlands and offices in Sofia (Bulgaria) and New York (United States). Negometrix develops powerful purchasing and contract management software applicable for every type of organization. Negometrix has over 350 active customers in the public and private sector.


The software platform of Negometrix
The solutions of Negometrix enables organizations to contract the best suppliers on the market and build enduring relationships. They have digitized the complete strategic procurement process from its initiation phase to contract and supplier relationship management. Their software platform contributes to improved purchasing results with streamlined processes and powerful insights in their customer spend and current contracts.


Negometrix hosted their software at a private datacenter in the United Kingdom. Negometrix wanted to move away from this datacenter to achieve better availability and scalability. The first choice was to migrate their environment to Microsoft Azure.

“Microsoft Azure has IaaS and PaaS solutions that fits our needs, is specialized in enterprise requirements and has easy integrations with existing Microsoft Azure Blocks, says Atanas Koev, CTO at Negometrix.


The journey of Negometrix to the Public cloud began. Atanas Koev, CTO at Negometrix: “We were looking for a Dutch company with experience in large scale migrations to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Intercept, as Azure Expert MSP, with multiple Gold competencies and great references fits this profile perfectly”. And so intercept transformed the private datacenter of Negometrix to Azure and immediately redesigned the platform to be scalable, simplified, be more robust and ensure compliancy.

Intercept performed automated scans to identity the current workloads, implemented a modern Azure platform design and performed the migration.


Business Impact
Azure offers Negometrix a new, compliant, scalable and reliable platform to grow and build. The business impact of the provided solution is increased performance, availability and flexibility. By migrating to Azure the performance of the platform was immediately increased with almost 10% without any changes to the code. The additional performance of the platform also resulted in increased productivity for every customer of Negometrix and it also improved the customer experience. With the assistance of Intercept, Negometrix will further modernize their platform on Azure and will migrate the remaining platform services from IaaS to PaaS.

“Intercept has helped us with practical solutions and excellent expertise during the design and implementation phases. And with its knowledge, experience and expertise Intercept can help us better utilize the Azure capabilities in the future.”
Atanas Koev CTO Negometrix
"I’m convinced that Negometrix will succeed in becoming the number one e-procurement platform in the world. I’m confident that the move to Azure and the help of Intercept with modernizing their software application will help them achieve this even faster.”
Jack van Ommen Account manager at Intercept