Customer story

A smart and secure ordering process at Reviva because of Azure

Intercept has been helping software companies migrate to Azure and innovate on the platform for years. It also occurs that both are done, like at Reviva. In 2020, the service provider had the urge to have more scalability, cost control, and better performance in its virtual environment without significant investments in replacement hardware. Azure proved to be the answer, but after implementation, the question of optimal security of the APIs arose. How did Intercept tackle the project?          

What is it Reviva does?

"We specialize in providing refrigerated and frozen transport and the option for our couriers to do an age check at the door," says senior system and network administrator Max Landwer Johan.

Reviva offers the ultimate customer journey during and after ordering your product. They do this seven days a week in a time slot of your choice, day and night. Thanks to their personal and flexible delivery service and excellent communication, the recipient is always at home at the delivery time. 

From hardware to the cloud

"Until 2020, Reviva had its in-house hardware systems, but in the same year, the need for an alternative arose," says Max. Reviva was looking for a scalable platform to control costs better and achieve better performance in its virtual environment. Max: "We knocked on Intercept's door because we were curious whether Microsoft Azure could help us with this." 


After multiple sessions, Intercept migrated Reviva's environment to Azure. Max was awed by Intercept's dedication, "It's incredible how involved Intercept was during the project. They worked 12 hours non-stop to ensure a successful migration ."

"It's incredible how involved Intercept was during the project. They worked 12 hours non-stop to ensure a successful migration ."
Max Landwer Johan Senior system and network administrator

Optimal security with a  firewall

Once in Azure, the request for optimal security emerged. "We have several portals that customers can only access, and we felt it was important to protect customer data with an IP Whitelist. This way, not everyone can access these pages," says Max. Intercept implemented a firewall to protect this. Max: "All new implementations around security are now also through the dev./test phase. That means customer data is now even better protected." 

The results of the collaboration

Max is satisfied: "With Azure, management is easier. We have saved a lot of costs. In short: we never want to go back." That Max is satisfied with Azure is obvious, but how does Max reflect on the collaboration with Intercept? Max: "No question is too absurd for Intercept. We can always turn to them."

"Controlling your costs in Azure is something that needs ongoing monitoring. Therefore, Reviva is now successfully using Azure Reservations and software subscriptions. With tools, they realize significant cost savings. In addition, Reviva has extensive insight into cloud costs with Azure Cost Management and the Intercept customer portal."
Jack van Ommen Commercial Lead Intercept