Customer story

Case Study Roser ConSys

Roser Consys, recently part of the Prometheus group, has developed the application Roser Suite. Roser Suite is a software solution for the preparation and execution of factory stops.

Roser Consys, recently part of the Prometheus group,  has developed the application Roser Suite. Roser Suite is a software solution for the preparation and execution of  factory stops. Large data sets are used within this application. To minimize delays, it is desirable that a data center in the region of the location of the factory is called automatically.  The Roser Suite application was already running on the Microsoft Azure Platform. They wanted to roll out a region-based architecture and via Microsoft they came in contact with Intercept.

The situation

Roser Consy developed the application Roser Suite, a standardized software solution for the preparation and execution for factory stops, particularly in the petrochemical sector. For example oil refineries that stop the factory for maintenance once a year. During that period, the necessary maintenance must take place and adjustments to the production lines must be made in a short time.

Roser Suite is used as a planning and ERP system to go through this process (cost) efficiently and safely. The application has been running on its own cloud environment for more than 10 years. But due to the international use of the application and the required global coverage, there was room for improvement. Therefore Roser Consys asked the help of Intercept to help them with this.

The Challenge 

Oil fields and refineries are located in strategic places all around the world. If the application is started from America, it is undesirable that the system starts running in Europe. With the large amount of data that is used in this sector, this type of distances leads to delays.

Roser Consys wanted to take the application to a higher level by realizing global coverage of the application. Ideally, the application should run on the servers close to the factory locations. Microsoft Azure has highly available environment and uses data centers around the world. Therefore a suitable cloud to realize this improvement. They contacted Microsoft and asked this specialist question to them. They recommended 3 parties, including Intercept.
‘’We have a lot of IT and client experience ourselves. We were looking for a party that could help us set up the dedicated environment. A party with detailed knowledge of scalability in multiple regions. We saw Intercept as the ideal partner.’’
Jacqueline Roig IT Project Manager at Prometheus Group

The Solution

The question was clear. After a few conversations and a testing period, we first roled out the environment on virtual machines based on the Kubernetes container system. The application is now living in the container that is made available by the server. This means on the infrastructure area that there have to be less systems called.

After this we rolled out an architecture based on regions with Traffic Manager (an Azure Service). We looked at the nearest data center per factory location. When a user logs in, it can now be determined on the IP address which data center and which data set must be called. When this data center is unavailable, the fall-back scenario is automatically entered. Hereby the next closest data center is called. The end user does not notice this.

Intercept now manages the Roser Consys cloud environment and provides a wide range of Managed Services. Through the Managed Services of Intercept, Roser Consys is completely relieved of keeping the entire platform up and running.


 The Results 

  • By switching to Kubernetes, the footprint of the installation has become smaller and the flexibility became bigger. Roser can now easily scale up and down, based on the usage.

  • The new environment is much more cost efficient. Roser Consys used to spend a lot of time regulation the data, but now this happens automatically.

  • Roser Consys customers experience less delay in the Roser Suite application. Moreover, the chance of downtime has decreased considerably.
‘’Intercept did great work. It is a young party with a lot of knowledge. Our locations are not close to each other, but this has not affected the cooperation. They switch quickly, think along well and they even lift our organization to a higher level.’’
Jacqueline Roig