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Automation & Development

Reach more with fewer resources

Automation and Development offers a faster time-to-market, predictable outcomes and reduce your operating costs. Concentrate on the activities that add business value by automating all repetitive, time-intensive and error-prone activities. The average time you invest is reduced and human errors are prevented. In order to use Azure as efficiently as possible, you will be supported in DevOps if necessary and the development and (re)coding of your (legacy) applications. We do the transformation of your application together with your team, so that we get the most value from your IT environment or application.

Develop and grow your business through a faster time-to-market

As a company but also as an employee you have the need to occupy your time with tasks that matter. Time that you invest in management and implementation of your applications, slows down the acceleration of your business and activities unnecessarily.

Focus on innovation and grow just like Mavim faster and internationally without extra resources

Read how Mavim deploys a customer within three minutes and has accelerated its international growth.

Application transformation

We help accelerate your digital transformation by allowing you to use Azure in the most efficient way.

You will be supported in developing and recoding applications, automating in Azure, making use of workloads and working in the DevOps way.


DevOps offers you the possibility to continuously realize added value for the user.

You are supported in the DevOps way of working by learning to understand and apply methods such as agile planning, continuous integration, continuous delivery and the monitoring of applications.

Free Workshop

Automation & Development

Together with our Cloud Engineers you will see where Quick Wins can be achieved for your organization. We help you get the most value from Azure in a few hours by automating Github, PowerShell Scripts and Chef in Azure.