Azure Workspace

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Azure Workspace

Work (more) efficiently with Azure Workspace

Azure Workspace allows your employees to work as efficiently as possible. It is a fully managed workspace that is designed around the thought of maximum productivity and flexibility. Based upon Azure and Office365 technologies and depending on your work processes, we set up a workspace that supports your legacy systems and all modern SaaS applications. Whether you are hosting your resources in a private datacenter, are adopting cloud services or are already fully invested in the public cloud, we offer you a cloud portal way of working. With Azure Workspace you can access all requirements at any time, on every device and in every browser.

Save time and work faster

Azure Workspace lets you work from your own work process and has a fast adoption curve for your employees.

As a user, you simply set up your personal workspace and applications are easily added. You can make use of single sign on services, you log in once on the workspace portal where you can quickly and easily use all your (SaaS) applications. Without logging in again.

It offers a complete integration, regardless of where the software and applications are hosted.

Save on your costs

With your entire workplace in the cloud you save more than just time.

Do not pay more than you need and scale your environment depending on what you need and pay on a monthly or on a usage basis.

One safe environment and GDPR compliant?

Make use of your workplace with an integrated Intercept managed security services. Through the additional Security and compliance framework (IMSS +) your Security and compliance is continuously monitored and ensured as far as possible.