Well-informed data-driven decisions with Data Lifecycle Management

Businesses store more data than ever before. But what do you do with this so-called ‘pot of gold’? How do you get the insights from your data that can fundamentally improve your business? Get actionable insights with Data Lifecycle Management.




What is DLM?

There is an increase in the number of organizations running devices and software that generate data to meet business and user needs. In order to gain insights and use the data to your advantage, you need to manage, transform, process, aggregate, and interpret your data.

Knowing where to start your data journey can be a challenging question. Your data should be undertaken in several phases in order to become valuable. Whatever your data questions are, you need to follow all (or several) of these phases. Therefore we created Data Lifecycle Management (DLM).

Let us explain our way to your data journey:

Phase 0: Azure Landingzone

You start with a Data Landingzone where we create all platform resources required to support your intended data design.

Phase 1: Data Extraction

When phase 0 is in place, we can start offloading your data sources and storing them properly.

Phase 2: Data transformation and Cleaning

Most of the time, your data will contain errors. We transform and clean your data and make it ready for usage.

Phase 3: Data Science and Analysis

After cleaning, we can start gaining useful insights.

Phase 4: Data Visualisation

To share these insights effectively, it needs to be visualized.

Dive deeper into the Data Lifecycle steps

If you wish to do anything with data, you need to undertake the steps of the Data Lifecycle. The steps are pretty straightforward, but implementing them can be quite challenging.

You can read more about the steps of the Data Lifecycle by clicking on the button below.


Why DLM?

Data is one of the most valuable elements of your organization. Data can show you what your situation was, what your situation is, and what it could be. The possibilities are really endless. You could use DLM to make your data more accessible and insightful for your customers in order to serve them better. Maybe you want to utilize data to create business opportunities for your customers. Or maybe use data to improve your own business. For example, data can help you explore your customer journey (Data Science). Data can also be fundamental in predicting scenarios and outcomes (Machine Learning), even enabling your company to respond in real-time when events occur (Artificial Intelligence).

For whom is DLM?

Data solutions can be for every organization in every branch. Your company can have hundreds of records or even billions. There is no maximum because our data solutions are scalable.

Whether you are already on the (Azure) Cloud or (partly) on-premises, we can customize your data journey to suit your needs. You don’t need to have anything running in production before you make use of DLM.

Intercepts DLM / products

Intercept is engaged in the transformation, modernization, and acceleration of organizations through the Microsoft Azure platform. With our unique focus and expertise, we fully understand the current and future challenges that software companies are faced with.

Intercept has assisted more than two hundred organizations in their transformation to and within the cloud. We are your guide in the world of data!

Let us help you with…

Data Deepdive

Are you finding yourself willing to start your data journey, but having no clue where to start? We’ve got you covered! After this workshop(s) you will definitely have an idea of what a data journey could mean for your organization and how it will look like. Request a Data Deepdive by clicking below.
Meer over Data Deepdive

Data Design or Second Opinion

Need advice on how to get through the steps to make your data insightful? Let us help by designing your data infrastructure. Together we will inform you about all the possibilities, including which tools and costs come into play. In this way, you are able to make the best-informed decision for your data journey.
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