Deep dive workshop Cost Management

Learn more about Cost Management within Microsoft Azure

With your organization working towards an Infrastructure, platform or software-as-a-service environment, predicting or budgeting cloud costs is becoming increasingly important. Moreover, you don't want to be surprised by high consumer bills afterwards, which we call bill shocking. In other words, Cost Management in the ‘cloud age' is becoming increasingly important and more complex when you work with more employees or different cloud vendors.

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What is Cost Management?
Cost management in the cloud is a field that has not taken shape yet and many organizations have difficulty managing their costs properly. From Public Clouds such as Microsoft Azure you get endless Excel lists which are sometimes difficult to understand. As a result, there are several different cost management tools that pretend to offer the holy grail in Cloud Cost Management. But how do you keep track and how will you budget and reduce your costs? You also receive tips on how to improve your costs effectively. 

Who is this workshop for?
Whether you are already using Microsoft Azure or you are just curious about the billing possibilities, this workshop will guide you through Cost Management in Azure. During this workshop we will tell you more about the possibilities to reduce costs, to get better insights and our best practices. 

This foundation consists out of the following elements that will be covered during the session:
  • Governance and Cost Management
  • Microsoft Azure Cost Management
  • Intercept Customer Portal
  • Q&A
If you have any questions about this workshop, feel free and contact us. 


Job Verhagen

Job Verhagen

CEO at Intercept

Jack van Ommen

Jack van Ommen

Sales & Marketing lead at Intercept


  • Cost Management
  • Azure Fundamentals

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21 September 2022 15:00 - 16:00
Microsoft Teams
Language: Engels


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