Deepdive Application Insights

Do you also want to have a better perfomance for your application?

The success of your application depends largely on its performance. Users rely on a stable and well-performing application. But especially in today's app development landscape - where new features are being rolled out rapidly - keeping your application stable and running at all times can be challenging.

Application Insights is an extension of Azure Monitor. This tool provides features to measure and manage the performance of your application. The tool consists of powerful analytics features to map the technical performance of your application. As well as the perceived performance: how your application is perceived by users.

In this deep-dive session, we will show you the possibilities of Application Insights, so you can keep a grip on the performance of your application. 

Difficulty level: average
Language: English
Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: free

“This workshop was a gamechanger for our organization. By proactively monitoring the performance of our application, we were able to keep it stable as we adopted new modules. The insights on user experience are also very valuable for continuous improvement of our application.”

For whom is this session?

Application Insights is an indispensable tool for developers and DevOps professionals who want to get more out of their data. This deepdive session is recommended for all software-driven organizations (ISVs, application developers and software vendors) working with Azure. 

More information

We will host this workshop digitally via Microsoft Teams. Check out the upcoming dates to the right and register for free! We will send you more information about the program after registration. Do you have any questions about the workshop? Feel free to contact us. And hopefully, we'll see you soon!


Wim Eling

Wim Eling

Azure Developer at Intercept

Björn Borneman

Björn Borneman

Azure developer at Intercept


  • Application Insights
  • Monitoring

Apply now

20 June 2023 15:00 - 16:30
Microsoft Teams
Language: English


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