Deepdive into Data Tools on Azure

Which tool should you use when?

When it comes to choosing between data processing tools on Azure, there are options aplenty! Think of Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, or Azure Synapse Analytics. But… how do we know what tool is right for us? It’s not that difficult, really! That is, if you know what these tools can do! Our Data Engineer, Lisa Hoving, will teach you how to make the right decision during this deep dive.

For who?

Are you a Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Specialist or just generally curious about data? Are you finding yourself at the start of your data journey, unsure what tool to choose? Worry no more, this is the deep dive for you!


We will kick-off our first deep dive on June 29th. Mark 15:00-16:30 in your agenda and register now.


In this session, we will discuss three often used (data engineering) tools on Azure:

- Azure Data Factory

- Azure Databricks

- Azure Synapse Analytics


Lisa will help you in deciding on these three tools using a real-life example. First, she will explain what these tools can do, and how they differ from one another. Of course, we will talk about (differences in) costs as well. Last but not least, we will arrive at our conclusion: when to use what.

Lisa Hoving

Lisa Hoving

Azure Data Engineer at Intercept


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