Workshop Azure Fundamentals for ISVs

Learn what you need to know about Microsoft Azure for ISVs in a day.

Always wondered what Microsoft Azure can do for your business? Then the workshop “Azure Fundamentals for ISvs” is for you!

This workshop will introduce you to what Microsoft Azure offers for software companies. We will take you through the journey of “App Modernization.” It starts with what Microsoft and Azure have to provide for software companies, how they all tie together and then goes through the technologies that software companies use in their journey through Azure. We’re going to check out those technologies, how they work, and of course, provide you with a demo! Using our fictional company “Cloud Adventures,” we will guide you through this journey, step by step.

"This workshop is free of charge"

Who is the target audience?

This session is suitable for you if you are already working on Azure or intend to do so. It is ideal for Business Leaders, Product Managers, (Lead) Developers, Infrastructure/Software Architects, and anyone interested in Microsoft Azure's capabilities for ISVs.

This session is intended for organizations that offer solutions through software, i.e., independent software vendors, system integrators, and application developers. If you are not an ISV, but you are curious about the basics of Azure? Check the Workshop Azure Fundamentals for IT professionals. Check the Workshop Azure Fundamentals for IT professionals.

What you'll learn during the sessions

Session 1 – Introduction to Azure for software companies

Using a use case and demos, we will show you what Azure is and its benefits for a software company. Using our fictional company "Cloud Adventures," we're getting started with the Azure journey!

Session 2 – Migration and Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud Adventures wants to migrate to Azure and use its infrastructure technologies. Let's see how these technologies work. Their first journey is to get started using virtual machines and hopefully some infrastructure as code. We will guide you through these technologies, the use cases, and the benefits during this session. Running virtual machines was never as cool!

Session 3 – Azure App Services and Azure Functions

We've seen the benefits of Infrastructure as a Service but let's add some more efficiency and scalability. Cloud Adventures is looking to add more scalability to its solution. Re-architecting some code is not out of the question, and using more "native" Azure features and integrations is preferred. Let's look at Azure App Services and Azure Functions!

Session 4 - Governance & policies

Now that we've built all that, we need to ensure we are staying in control of our costs and have the proper guard rails in place to ensure we are not deviating from our standards. Cloud Adventures decided they need Azure Cost Management and Azure Policy for that. We will introduce you to these features during this session, explain how and why you can set these up, and of course, demo multiple scenarios.

We provide the workshop digitally and on location. On the right, you can see the possibilities and different dates. The online workshop is given through Microsoft Teams, more information about the schedule we will send after registration. If you have any questions about this workshop, don't hesitate to contact us.


Remco Vrielink

Remco Vrielink

Azure Architect at Intercept | MCT

 Fabian Super

Fabian Super

Azure Consultant at Intercept


  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Migrate
  • ISV Roadmap
  • Security & Compliance
  • Governance

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United Kindom
07 March 2023 13:00 - 16:00
Microsoft Teams
Language: English


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