How to migrate your application to the Azure Cloud

Do you want more insight into migrating your application to the Azure cloud? Then this workshop is for you! 

Ready to kickstart your journey into migrating your application to the Azure cloud? The transition to the Azure cloud is a big step for your business. If you are eager to gain knowledge about the Azure migration process, then immerse yourself in the fundamental principles and advantages of shifting applications to the cloud. Uncover the transformative potential of cloud technology and its ability to enhance your business. Engage in a detailed, step-by-step exploration of the migration process, complete with practical insights and best practices. Our experts will present real-world scenarios through live demos, empowering you to navigate the complexities of cloud migration confidently.  

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For whom is this session?

This workshop is for software companies that are thinking of moving to the Azure cloud. Whether you are a decision-maker or developer, discover the possibilities and enhance the efficiency of your business process.  

More information

Come and join this workshop to gain knowledge about how you can migrate your application to the Azure cloud. We offer these workshops with great enthusiasm, both online and in-person. Check the upcoming dates on the side, and don't wait any longer; sign up today for free! After registration, you will receive all the details and further information.


Björn Borneman

Björn Borneman

Azure developer at Intercept

Wim Eling

Wim Eling

Azure Developer at Intercept


  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Application Insights
  • Migrate
  • CNSD

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