Workshop DevOps on Azure

Release new software with greater speed, efficiency, and reliability

As a (software) company, you have to continuously prove yourself in today's competitive and changing market. Software must not only be brought to market faster but it must also be constantly adapted to meet the needs of the end user. The key is a streamlined way of working, clear communication, clear processes, and short lead times. 

DevOps is a way of working - you could almost call it a corporate culture - that supports collaboration between developers and operational teams. By integrating DevOps into your organization, you can release software faster and more efficiently. Azure supports this way of working with Azure DevOps, an environment with services that supports the different phases of DevOps.

Difficulty level: beginner
Language: English
Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: free


“Due to the rapid growth of our company, development processes became sluggish. After Intercept's workshop, we actively started integrating DevOps on Azure. We immediately noticed an increase in efficiency. Our position in the market improves now that we can release software - and deliver value to our customers - faster.”
Participant workshop (ISV)

For whom is this session?

This workshop suits all software-driven organizations (ISVs, application developers and software vendors) working with Azure. For business and product owners, as well as developers and administrators who are new to or advanced in DevOps in Azure. 


The Azure DevOps workshop is customized to the participating organizations. This session will cover all the basics of implementing DevOps in your organization. We will dive deeper into certain topics depending on the questions and challenges.

More information

We will host this workshop digitally via Microsoft Teams. Check out the upcoming dates to the right and register for free! We will send you more information about the program after registration. Do you have any questions about the workshop? Feel free to contact us. And hopefully, we'll see you soon!

Wim Eling

Wim Eling

Azure Developer at Intercept

Björn Borneman

Björn Borneman

Azure developer at Intercept


  • Azure DevOps

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12 March 2024 15:00 - 16:30
Language: English


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