Workshop DevOps on Azure

Reliably deliver new software faster and more often

DevOps is an acceleration of your development process and an improvement in experience for your developer, administrator and, last but not least, that of your user. But how do you apply it effectively and what does it mean for your business?

Who is this workshop for?
Business and product owners, developers and administrators who are starting or are advanced in DevOps on Azure. The Azure DevOps training will be adapted to the participating organizations.

But what is DevOps and what is it going to bring you?
DevOps brings together people, processes, and technology and automates the software development process. By effectively applying the DevOps principles you as an Independent Software Vendor can respond faster to the needs of your customer and the continuously changing market place. DevOps gives you benefits such as:

  • Releasing features and being able to innovate faster;
  • Reduction of human errors, the quality of software is guaranteed as much as possible;
  • Increased efficiency in the development process and a shorter time-to-market;
  • Shorter and improved feedback loop from customers.

All this ultimately results in improved business results and an improved experience for your user.

The Azure DevOps workshops help organizations such as ISVs, how advanced they may be in DevOps, to release new software in a faster and more reliable way. Wesley Haakman, Lead Azure Architect: ‘’The Azure DevOps workshop helps everyone involved in the development process to take the first step or next steps in DevOps on Azure, in order to automate the delivery of software as much as possible."

What can you expect during the workshop?

  • Basics of DevOps on Azure;
  • How do you effectively start with DevOps?
  • Best practices and common DevOps errors on Azure.

You will learn about:

  • Setting up DevOps and improving your development process
  • Build and release processes
  • Quality control and the feedback loop
  • Automation and templates
  • Tooling that will help you to implement the principles of DevOps, think of infrastructure as a Code and Azure DevOps (VSTS)
  • Architecture principles that help you to introduce flexibility (micro services and loosely coupled architectures, containers and serverless functionalities)

We proviside the workshop both digitally and on location. You can find the possibilities and several dates on the form on the right. The online workshop will be given via Microsoft Teams. We will send more information about the program after the registration. If you have any questions about this workshop, feel free and contact us. 

Wesley Haakman

Wesley Haakman

Lead Azure Architect at Intercept | Microsoft Azure MVP | CISSP | Spreker

Gregor Suttie

Gregor Suttie

Azure Architect at Intercept | Microsoft Certified Trainer | Microsoft MVP

Wim Eling

Wim Eling

Azure Developer at Intercept


  • Azure DevOps

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18 October 2022 09:00 - 12:00
Microsoft Teams
Language: English


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