Customer story

Case Study Split~Vision

The migration was successful in one go and took just under two days.

Split ~ Vision is an established organization in the field of digital transformation. With its no-coding business platform "GoverMaxx", Split ~ Vision realizes controlled growth and successful digital transformations for companies,organizations and government.

Until recently, Split ~ Vision used a local data center with 'on premise' servers, both for its own business operations, for its SaaS customers and for its international software development team. Because of reliability, availability and stability requirements of the application, Split ~ Vision made the strategic choice to fully migrate the environment to Microsoft Azure and Azure DevOps.

About Split Vision

Split ~ Vision has more than 40 years of experience as an expert consultant in digitization and sustainable design of information management in changing organizations. Over the past 15 years, they have developed the GoverMaxx platform, a scalable no-coding business platform with Office 365 integration.

GoverMaxx enables organizations to centrally manage and consume information for all employees, from every perspective of the organization and all available information sources. For every type of organization GoverMaxx offers the device that meets the needs of a growing organization, so that its information is "in control" and meets the required compliance and governance.

With regards to availability, reliability and stability, Split ~ Vision wanted to fully migrate its environment to Microsoft Azure and use Azure DevOps.

The challenge

Split ~ Vision used TFS 2013, an older on-premise version of Azure DevOps Server. However, this no longer met the quality requirements that Split ~ Vision strives for. Marloes Rutten, product manager of Split ~ Vision said: "we want to put everything in order by migrating all IT applications and all data to a new infrastructure in the cloud".


After attending the DevOps on Azure workshop at Intercept, she was quickly convinced of the functionality that Azure DevOps Services has to offer, including the automated test and deployment functions.   wich exactly meets the monthly GoverMaxx delivery requirements to help scale the solution for Split ~ Vision. Split ~ Vision then decided to collaborate with Intercept.

Due to the outdated hardware, the standard Microsoft migration scenario was unfortunately no longer applicable. There was a chance that the migration would require too much resources from the server. We had to look for a different solution.


“We are very satisfied with the professional approach and collaboration with Intercept. We particularly liked their expertise and quick approach. We have assessed a range of parties, but Intercept was the best in terms of price and expertise. And the migration and implementation confirms that. A pleasant no-nonsense club. They have real in-house professionals who through their experience also work fast, efficiently and advise on the right choices. ”
Robbert Bliek Split ~ Vision director

The solution

Together with Split ~ Vision, we have translated the migration challenges into an effective project plan and rapid implementation. Instead of the standard migration - where everything is transferred in one go - it was decided to stage migration of all components including the migration to Office 365.

The first benefit was the improved continuity of software development and therefore the availability of source code of the various software solutions. In addition, the TFS version management system has been converted to GIT.

Once the source control was succesfully migrated we focused on migrating the work items (planning).

The migration was successful in one go and took just under two days. The next step was a remote training session with the developers of Split ~ Vision with the goal to help them understand both the development and deployment environment, as well as DevOps and the relationship with Office 365 and Teams. That turned out to be very successful: everyone could work with it completely independently the day after the migration.


The result

  1. Intercept realized migration to Azure DevOps Services in just two days. Thanks to good preparation, a short lead time and well-tailored training, the entire organization has made a professionalization move in a short time.


  1. With Azure DevOps Services, Split ~ Vision has a 24/7 approachable and scalable solution, entirely in Azure. Automated monthly delivery and deployment, independent of local technology and entirely in the cloud. This allows her to realize her ambition with GoverMaxx for (inter)national partners and customers even faster.

    3. All automated applications and applications are available in Azure, making automated testing                possible with just a few clicks. Split ~ Vision can further optimize and professionalize its IT                    processes by using the wealth of development services in Microsoft Cloud.