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Azure Cloudify is the way to transform your application. Whether you have a legacy application, your applications are partially, or completely, cloud-based or your organization is born in the cloud, you want to be permanently relevant to your target group. Depending on your situation, if your application or organization needs something else, Cloudify for ISVs offers you this solution.

Cloudify is a roadmap, a metaphorical train that you can board with your application at any time and at any place you want, and end up wherever you want to go as an organization.

Going to Azure

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No matter if it is a journey from on-premises to Azure, or if you want to modify your legacy application to a full software-as-a-service application, we support every step along the way to smoothly migrate to Azure.

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Accelerate with Azure

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Improving your application and infrastructure environment is a continuous process. Regardless of where your journey starts, you can take advantage of what the cloud has to offer.

Accelerate on Azure
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