Cloud Design: Migrate to Azure with confidence

Do you want to know for sure whether a move to Azure is financially, functionally, and technically interesting for your organization? We’re here to help. By drawing up a Cloud Design for you, we guarantee that you will make a well-founded decision. 

What is a Cloud Design?

A Cloud Design is a report that serves as the foundation for hosting your application on Azure. Safely, scalably, and optimally. It also gives you a clear answer to the question: 'Is migrating my application to Azure the right option for me?

In this report you will find:

  • A scalable, robust, and compliant design for your application or environment
  • A clear overview of the monthly recurring costs of Azure
  • A migration path for both the short and long-term
  • An overview of the Managed Services we offer
  • And the hours required to migrate your solution to Azure

Cloud Design: 3 Basic Aspects

Functional aspect icon

Functional aspect

We first focus on how your application works. We also examine how we can land your solution securely on the cloud platform, according to our best practices. We decide whether the application needs to be moved and improved, newly built, or the best of both worlds.

Technical Aspect icon

Technical aspect

How do you optimally use  the resources of Azure? What improvements are needed? Do they need to be implemented in the short term, or can they be done later? And is support needed for a successful migration? The answers to these questions result in a well-founded Azure architecture design.

Financial aspect icon

Financial aspect

The building blocks are known. But what does this solution cost per month? Here you get a clear overview of both your one-time investment and the monthly recurring costs. 
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Why a Cloud Design from Intercept?

We are one of the few organizations worldwide that focuses entirely on supporting software companies (ISVs) with their transformation to Microsoft Azure. The playing field of Azure is gigantic. We have walked the road to the Cloud extensively and know the landscape inside out. 

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