Get better control over your monthly Azure bill with this 1.5-hour Azure Cost Management training. Learn how to save costs on your cloud usage.

Azure Cost Management

1.5 Hour



Are you using Azure cloud services or planning to move to the cloud? If yes, then attending the Azure Cost Management Workshop is a must for you. Our previous participants have reported a better understanding and greater control over their Azure costs after completing the training. You don't need any prior knowledge, and in just 1.5 hours, you will learn practical tips and tricks that you can apply immediately. We will share our best practices on Azure Cost Management and demonstrate the tools you can use to manage costs effectively and save on budget.


  • No prior knowledge required

  • Especially for software-driven organisations

  • Free registration

Azure cost management

Our Azure Cost Management workshop has been immensely popular, with over 1000 registrations to date. This is not surprising considering how cloud costs can spiral out of control and how lack of visibility into these costs can be a significant concern for software-driven organisations. However, with a little more knowledge, you can easily maintain control over your budget and keep your invoices clear - even during growth and other changes within your organisation.

Our speakers are industry experts with theoretical and practical experience in Azure cost optimisation. They will teach you which Azure tools to use and when to use them, which features to leverage, and how to avoid unnecessary expenditures. And if you have any questions after completing the training, you can ask them immediately during the follow-up live Q&A session with the trainers.


Jack van Ommen

Sales and Marketing lead

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