The future of apps: modernization through AI and Azure cloud for unlimited advancement

Looking for a boost of your company's growth? Integrating AI might be your true game changer! AI has access to massive data sets: datasets that gain insight and drive innovation. With Microsoft Azure on top of that, moving to cloud-based applications becomes even easier. Wondering how to combine these two and willing to find out how AI can enhance your business? Let's dive into it!

Published: 01 September 2023

Benefit 1: Writing better code with AI

AI rapidly changes how developers write code, and tools like Copilot, created in partnership with OpenAI, lead the way. By utilizing the power of machine learning, Copilot assists developers in crafting code more efficiently, offering suggestions, and even generating snippets. This makes the coding process so much smoother and more intuitive. Copilot uses the vast public codebase available in GitHub to create remarkable code. Making the life of the developer easier while remaining in control of what they, in the end, actually push to production.


Benefit 2: Improving your app usability with AI

By learning from user behavior, AI allows your application to anticipate the next thing the user wants to do. This creates a more intuitive and efficient user experience, improved by automation and personalized suggestions.


Benefit 3: Optimize data and create context with AI

You can significantly optimize the usability of your applications by quickly making sense of the available data and adding context to it. This process enables more intuitive interactions and a streamlined user experience.


Benefit 4: AI and Azure

Azure provides software developers with a continiously improving toolkit of services to efficiently build, deploy, and manage AI-infused applications. This integration boosts innovation and streamlines development processes. Azure not only offers a robust Cloud platform in over 64 regions but also provides the on-demand capacity needed by AI.


Benefit 5: The ability to 'train' your own model

When developing a custom solution that requires specific understanding, training your own model might be needed to ensure that the result aligns with your unique requirements. Using tokens for pre-trained models like those provided by OpenAI is often a more efficient and quicker approach, enabling developers to leverage existing knowledge without the need for extensive training.


Ready to transform your business with app modernization?

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