The Microsoft Trust Center & Service Trust Portal

Published: 10 November 2023

The challenge

Finding the right information regarding Microsoft Azure security, privacy, compliance statements, and reports can be challenging. But did you know that Microsoft is using the Microsoft Trust Center and for cloud service customers the Microsoft Service Trust Portal?

With the help of these portals, you can find the required information easily. Are you looking for the latest ISO 27001 audit report or information regarding GDPR? You can find it there as well.

Microsoft Trust Portal

The Microsoft Trust Portal is a public library with comprehensive information about how Microsoft copes with privacy subjects like the EU Data Boundary or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for example.

Microsoft Service Trust Portal

For Microsoft cloud services customers you can use the Microsoft Service Trust Portal. With the Microsoft Service Trust Portal, you can search for the subject or cloud service you need information on and create your library. You can set up a personal library within the Service Trust Portal so you have the most important information for your organization in a clear overview.

Log in to the Microsoft Services Trust Portal with your Microsoft Cloud Services account and bookmark for later use. Also, you’re able to download specific audit reports if your organization's policy requires you to.

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