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Are you a software developer curious about how to use Azure to apply Identity in your applications? In this workshop, we are going to show you how to use Azure Identity.

Azure Identity for software developers

1.5 Hour



This workshop is suitable for software-driven organisations (ISVs) that want to use Identity in Azure and apply it in their software. 

During this workshop Azure Identity for Software Developers, we delve into Entra ID B2B and B2C, explaining when to choose each approach. We also discuss single and multi-tenancy, aiding your understanding of the appropriate level of separation.

Furthermore, we explore the vital role of OAuth2 and OpenID Connect in ensuring secure access. We clarify concepts such as Client, Resource Owner, Authorization Server, Resource Server, Scopes, Access Token, and Refresh Tokens, crucial for effective access control. You will also learn to apply Azure Identity to your applications for enhanced security and efficiency. We provide a practical demonstration of integrating identity into an existing application.

Register now for this complimentary workshop and construct a robust digital security foundation for your applications!


Wim Eling

Azure Developer

Björn Borneman

Azure developer

Introduction Azure Identity

Demo implementing Entra ID (Formally Azure AD)

Demo Implanting Entra ID B2C

Live Q&A Session

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