Learn how to secure your Azure cloud in just 90 minutes! Join our Azure Security Workshop to discover the basics and best practices.

Azure Security Workshop

1.5 Hour



Are you an Azure professional, CTO, administrator, system architect or otherwise interested in Azure security? Then, attend this Azure Security workshop. During this workshop, we will share practical tips and teach you how to secure your Azure cloud environment. You will be able to see a live demo and learn how to apply the concepts and techniques we discuss within your organisation. We will also discuss Azure Security benchmarks and share our best practices.

  • No prior knowledge is required

  • Tailored for software-driven organisations

  • Free registration

In this Azure Security Workshop, you will acquire several practical skills to ensure solid Azure cloud security. These skills include Identity and Access Management with Azure Active Directory, implementing Multi-Factor Authentication, utilising Microsoft Defender for Cloud effectively, enhancing your Identity Secure Score, and more. Additionally, we cover regulatory compliance, such as GDPR. 


The primary aim of the speakers is to familiarise you with Azure's security capabilities and best practices for safeguarding your Azure cloud environment. You can expect practical training from professionals with extensive experience in Azure Security for software-driven organisations.


David Bodifée

Azure Architect

Fabian Super

Azure Architect

Simon Lee

Azure Consultant

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