Join us for a strategic workshop to learn how to effectively use Azure, create a cloud environment that fosters excellence, and achieve sustainable business growth.

Azure Business for decision-makers

1.5 Hour



By our CEO and CTO 

Our CEO, Job Verhagen, and our CTO, Rinie Huijgen, offer a 90-minute session to share their insights about the Azure cloud for SaaS companies and software-driven organisations. During the session, they will provide tips and best practices and discuss the 5 biggest obstacles that can hinder your success in the public cloud - and how to overcome them. This session is suitable for companies just starting their cloud transition as well as those who want to take the next step for greater success with the help of Azure.

Deploy Azure strategically for great success
During the workshop, you will get both theoretical knowledge and real-world examples to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of Azure integration. We will discuss the roadmap for successful integration and determine the logical next steps for sustainable growth based on your current situation. In addition, you will learn how Azure can enhance collaboration within and between different teams and which tools can help you shorten your time-to-market. 

Security, governance, compliance, and GDPR proof working within Azure are important topics we will cover during the session. We will explore cost management and discuss how to maintain flexibility while keeping costs under control, enabling you to scale up and down as needed.

At the end of the session, you will understand how Azure can contribute to your organisation's success. We will provide you with practical tips and strategic insights tailored to your knowledge needs as a CEO or CTO of an ISV. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them during the Q&A.


Rinie Huijgen


Job Verhagen


Application in the public cloud

Trends in the public cloud

Challenges while moving to the cloud

Live Q&A Session

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