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Azure cloudify voor ISVs

Transform your application with cloudify for ISVs

Azure Cloudify is THE way to transform your application. Whether you have a legacy application, your applications are partially or completely cloud-based or your organization is born in the cloud, you want to be permanently relevant to your target group. Depending on your situation, your application or organization is in need of something else, Cloudify for ISV offers you THE solution.

Cloudify is a roadmap. A metaphorical train on which you can onboard with your application at any time and at any place you want, and end up wherever you want to go as an organization. Where do you want to go with your organization? 

Lift and Shift

Imagine your customers want to approach your application via a browser (SaaS). This may have a big impact on your organization to prepare your applications for the cloud.

Cloudifying is the easiest way to prepare legacy applications for the cloud. With our solution you can transform every existing desktop and web application into a cloud-based offering and provide your customers with SaaS solution without having to rearchitect your application.

From IaaS to PaaS

You have cloud-based your application now - Why would you want to go to PaaS?

In addition to a cost advantage, PaaS prevents you from constantly reinventing the wheel. Anyone who purchases PaaS services invests considerably less time in building and maintaining software.

You then have room to invest in development activities which provides an added value and a competitive advantage.

Application transformation

Automation offers you faster time-to-market, predictable outcomes and the reduction of your operational costs. Concentrate on the activities that add business value and automate all repetitive, time-intensive and error-prone activities. Through Development you also get the opportunity to use Azure as efficiently as possible. You will be fully supported in the development and (re) coding of your (legacy) applications.

Sell more together!

Together we want to add value for your customers. Of course, without interfering with your business.

In addition to your current applications, we aim to build services around your current application, for example by adding additional services, such as managed services, Office 365, multifactor authentication, single sign-on and active directory federation services (ADFS).



Watch how we provide value to our software partners

More than 60 software organizations worldwide use Cloudify

With Cloudify we can transform, modernize and accelerate every application on Azure. Whether this is an RPD, CRM, WMS, IoT application or e-commerce platform, your organization and application is fully managed, without any hassle.
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Independent Software vendors need to answer changing business models, changing customer needs and changing customer expectations in order to grow, stay relevant and future-proof their business.
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