Your applications are always on track with Cloud Governance

The cloud offers developers a lot of freedom. In addition, it speeds up the development process. That's great because it allows you to quickly anticipate the requests of customers. But there are risks too. Think of high costs, or rolling out the software in the wrong place. With Cloud Governance, we assure you that your applications are always deployed correctly. According to your security requirements and those of your customers. 

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The three biggest benefits of Cloud Governance:

  1. Controllable costs
    By implementing the right guardrails, your Azure costs become predictable.
  2. Security and compliance
    Scale up whenever you want, because your solutions always meet your organization's and your customers' standards.  
  3. New technologies
    Governance is a great addition to innovation. Thanks to the established frameworks, you can implement new technologies even faster. 

"Cloud Governance is not meant to slow down software companies. On the contrary. It’s a collection of mechanisms and processes that allow you to maintain control over your applications and resources. Think of it as guardrails that keep you on the safe side of the tracks of your cloud journey. Without compromising your innovation speed. Thanks to the established frameworks, you can implement new technologies even faster."

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Want to know more about Governance?

Do you also want to be sure that Governance is the right choice for your application or environment? In our deepdive workshop, you will learn how to create a secure, compliant and efficient environment for your customers through Governance.

Get your Governance on track with Intercept Cloud Governance

We help you get and keep your Cloud Governance on track in 4 steps. From setting up the preconditions and parameters, to a Landing Zone. Which you can monitor optimally from our Customer Portal.

Step 1. Creating insight

In order to set up Cloud Governance, you’ll need insight. In the security, compliance, and certification requirements that your solution must meet. But also in matters such as access rights and budgets. The fundamental choices differ for each organization and workload. We help you to set out all these preconditions for your organization.  

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Step 2. Setting up parameters

Our Azure specialists know the process of designing and setting up Governance in Microsoft Azure by heart. Based on our best practices they offer you tailored advice. They translate your preconditions into effective parameters. These determine how data and applications may be used in the Cloud. This way, the security and budgets of your Cloud environment are closely monitored.

Step 3. Setting up a Landing Zone

The Landing Zone is an environment in Azure that is ready to host your workload. This is where you define the most important parameters in advance. The Landing Zone ensures that these are maintained. This way we make sure that your resources are in line with the standards inside and outside your company and that your costs are predictable.    

Read more about what a Landing Zone is and how to get started.

Step 4. Monitoring the cloud environment 

Of course you can monitor your Landing Zone from the standard Azure Portal. Do you want full control over your resources? Then use our Governance Dashboard. This gives you a clear overview of your policies and budget. And it shows whether your resources meet the standards. This makes it easy to perform (self) audits. The Governance Dashboard is part of our Customer Portal.

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