Everything you need to get started and excel with Azure DevOps

Are you looking for a powerful platform that facilitates your complete software development process? Then Azure DevOps is the right solution for you. Our certified Azure DevOps specialists offer you a kickstart. And help you to excel with super-fast, worry-free development. How? With a step-by-step DevOps Design, a safe migration, and structural support. So you can focus on what you do best: creating awesome software.

Azure DevOps: the all-in-one tool

In the past, you needed several expensive tools (like JIRA, Confluence, and Github) to run a complete software project. With Azure DevOps this is unnecessary. This tool is all-in-one. From project and source code management to a build and development tool. It brings people, processes, and technology together. And automates the software development process. So that you can quickly respond to the changing needs of your customers. 

8 reasons why ISVs choose Azure DevOps

  • Higher innovation speed.
  • Shorter time-to-market.
  • Faster feature releases.
  • Less human error.
  • Software quality is ensured. 
  • Higher efficiency of the development process.
  • Shorter and improved feedback loop.
  • Any developer can work with Azure DevOps. 

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Get the most out of Azure DevOps with these five services:

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Azure DevOps Workshops

Are you curious whether Azure DevOps is the right tool for your software company? Or are you already using Azure DevOps, but looking for tips to get the most out of it? Then visit our Azure DevOps Workshop. This workshop is for beginners as well as for advanced users. We adapt the workshop to your level.

DevOps on Azure

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Custom Azure DevOps Design

A migration to Azure DevOps Services takes time, energy, and money. That is why it is important that you know in advance what this migration means and what it will offer you. Together we will discuss this. Your wishes and current configuration are the basis for the Azure DevOps Design. A detailed report with a clear migration path and an extensive explanation of the steps to be taken. You will also find a clear estimation of the hours and costs required for the migration to DevOps Azure. All the information you need to make a well-informed choice.

Cloud Design

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Azure DevOps Migration

Many software companies already use an environment like JIRA, TFS, or an on-premises DevOps Server. You as well? We are happy to help you migrate to Azure DevOps. Our certified Azure DevOps specialists have performed this migration many times. After the migration, you have an Azure DevOps Services environment that contains all the data of the original (Azure DevOps Server/TFS) environment and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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Azure DevOps Support

We take over a part or the entire OPS, so you can focus on DEV. Our Managed Services team manages the DevOps environment and continuously improves it. What about you? You build, test and deploy new pieces of code with just one click. That's the advantage of Azure DevOps Support and our Infrastructure as Code architecture. 

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Azure DevOps Improvement

Azure DevOps evolves regularly. Every two weeks new functionalities are added. It could be that you are still using the classical pipelines, while a new way of deploying has been introduced. No worries! We make sure that you are always equipped with the latest functionalities. And that everything that can be automated, is automated.

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