Intercept Managed Security Services

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Intercept Managed Security Services

Insight into the security and compliance of your IT environment

As an organization you possess valuable data, which is also becoming increasingly important. In addition, this data often contains personal data. How do you protect the "crown jewels" of your organization?

Intercept Managed Security Services (IMSS) enables you to control the security and compliance of your IT environment. Based on Azure Security Center and Operation Management Suite + Security, the behavior is monitored in- and outside of the IT environment or application. Malicious activities, vulnerabilities and deviant behavior are detected proactively and, depending on your wishes preventive automated actions are taken. To give you as much insight as possible, you receive a dashboard that constantly displays the latest security status of the various security components. Whether you work as an ISV, in healthcare or in finance, your company is better protected against the risks of today.

Monthly reports on security and compliance

In addition to receiving 24/7 real-time access to the security status of your IT environment, you will receive a monthly report. This report includes amongst other things the security incidents, malware use and attack and phishing trials.

The IT department and the responsible team receive the necessary information and the indispensable insight into possible security problems and their consequences.

In line with your policy and regulations

We also take care of the measures in accordance with compliance legislation, your own ISO 27001, NEN 7510, GDPR or other standards. These standards can, if necessary, be technically monitored, so that you can be compliant with these standards.

Together with our security professionals we look at the best practices from the market that apply to your organization.


IMSS+ offers additional features. By means of a compliance framework for your server environment, it becomes clear whether the predefined policy is used. It offers you the possibility to intervene automatically with various deviations.

After an analysis of the security policy used, we will provide recommendations and together we will create a structure for the compliance framework.

By proactively monitoring and using the obtained information, you can show your customers, auditors, supervisors, your own organization and other stakeholders that you meet your duty of care to the highest extent.