Managed Azure Kubernetes Service

Are you looking for a way to efficiently organize your containers? Without additional tasks like managing, monitoring and keeping this platform available? Discover Managed Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Make the most of Azure Kubernetes

Want to get the most out of Kubernetes, without the complexity of performance management or administration? We gladly take over the complex management of the cluster from you. And arrange the setup, backups and monitoring. This way, you can fully focus on software development again.

The 6 reasons why ISVs choose Managed AKS



We do the implementation. Together, we take care of the rest.


We take care of the complete management of the cluster.


We update your cluster, nodes and discuss the impact in advance.


We set up the GitOps pipeline or help you do it.


We offer best practices and a continuously optimized Landing Zone for AKS.


You can fully focus on software development.

What are the key benefits of Azure Kubernetes Services?


The AKS Control Plane is free of charge! You only pay for the resources consumed in the cluster.

AKS integrates with Azure DevOps, GitHub, storage, networking, monitoring and security.

AKS offers excellent integration with Azure DevOps and GitHub for setting up CI/CD pipelines.

Your cluster is always available, even in case of hardware failures.

You can endlessly scale up and down. Remove a node or add a new one super fast.

Our method

Landing Zone Deployment

The fully managed and optimized AKS Landing Zone is based on our best practices. Consisting of Governance, Security & Availability. It contains all the Azure building blocks, you need to successfully deploy Kubernetes. And updates? You don't have to worry about that. We take care of it.

Implementing Kubernetes

We build a scalable Kubernetes environment. Which we proactively monitor (full-stack) and keep available with backups. We also arrange authentication and secret management, so that the environment is properly secured.

Application deployment

We put your containerized applications in the pipeline. Which we take over or build for you. This allows you to deploy new features at the speed of lightning. If you have questions, just ask our CI/CD Team.
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