Customer story

From manual candidate matching to an AI-powered matching system for TEG

Intercept is the expert partner for more than 160 clients. We offer scalable IT solutions in the public cloud.

One customer of Intercept is TEG. TEG is an innovative platform consisting of specialized companies in the staffing industry. The companies (labels) of TEG focus on connecting professionals or skilled workers to clients in specific market segments.

For TEG, Intercept has delivered a well-functioning matching tool based on AI to match candidates from the database with open job vacancies. We spoke with Wouter Mocking, CTO at TEG.

Wat does The Employment Group do?

The Employment Group (TEG) is dedicated to reducing scarcity in the job market by bringing people and organizations together. Through its four labels (Voort, koen, Faber & Cottus), TEG strives to match individuals with suitable job opportunities based on their skills and qualities. 


The request:

TEG recognized the need to collaborate with a technical partner to optimize their profile matching for their Voort label. They had observed that an ideal candidate might not always be easily identified due to the limited human capacity to remember profiles. Therefore, TEG sought a solution to automatically prioritize the right candidate profiles. 


Why Intercept?

We spoke with Wouter Mocking, the CTO of The Employment Group, who explained: TEG has a Microsoft and Azure-oriented approach, so they were looking for a partner aligned with this IT philosophy. Intercept is an excellent fit in this regard, as they specialize in such services. There aren't many companies like Intercept that provide these solutions.


“With just one press of a button, Intercept has ensured that the user can find a match. Speed truly makes the difference in that.”
Wouter Mocking Chief Technology Officer

The technical challenge: What did Intercept deliver?    

TEG sought a partner to assist in integrating MySolution Recruitment & Techwolf, as well as MySolution Flex & Coachview. To establish these connections, TEG needed integration, ensuring that Techwolf and Coachview seamlessly integrated with TEG's operational systems. Using Azure Integration Services, Intercept successfully implemented a scalable and reliable integration between these different systems.


The result?

The primary goal was to provide users with tools to simplify their work. Intercept enabled users to find a match within the candidate profiles with a single click. Intercept ensured that the process was:

  • Super-fast
  • Reliable
  • Monitored for any errors, with immediate response
  • Compliant with security requirements

In summary, the result is an effective AI-based matching tool for connecting candidates from the database with open job positions. The tool's success lies in its speed and technical functionality.


TEG's experience of working with Intercept:

In a successful project, understanding each other is crucial, especially in long-term collaborations where mutual assistance is vital. This was the case throughout this project, with Intercept fully understanding its significance, respecting deadlines, and resolving any issues promptly. Clear agreements and regular updates fostered trust between the parties. In conclusion, it was a highly satisfactory partnership.